Monday, July 13, 2015

Flowers of Inspiration

9x12 acrylic on watercolour paper (extreme close-ups on Etsy)
9x12 acrylic on watercolour paper (this and extreme close-ups on Etsy)
the photo, or something like the one I shared (digital download on Etsy)
an extreme close-up from another photo, wowza, posted as a digital download on Etsy.

Many things inspire me. If asked, I'll quip, Life, the Universe and Everything, which sounds flippant, but is an answer not to be taken lightly if you think on it a bit.  However abstract my art may get, there is always a trigger, an influence from outside of myself that reaches inward, twists and turns and bursts outside again.
Cinnamon Flash exploded into view this year in June. It was an iris I've owned for a very long time, in the form of a few green blades lost in the weeds and coneflowers. It was rediscovered last year with it's original tag still legible, moved, transplanted, forgotten. Until it blasted forth in glorious colour this spring for the very first time.
I took pictures.
Once I take a photo, I'm usually done with a thing.
But there is more to the universe than pretty flowers; there are people, and some of them are awesome artists that inspire.  Michelle is one of them, and it was her idea to make one of my snapshots a challenge, both of us to paint, in our own way.  Her version is completely mesmerizing (you can find it here in all it's glory).  So first came the flower, and then the flowering mind to, briefly, step into my life, and steer a course, a meander in a stream, an explosion of colour, and of ideas and interpretations, or, Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Thanks Michelle!
Michelles blog and more of her fabulous paintings at Michelle Hendry - Fine Art

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Cats I Have--Dudes vs Gramps

Not all is perfect in wonderland. Last time I mentioned my newly adopted cats (Simba and Batman), I did mention that they were being persecuted into living in the basement by my elder cat (Riker). The two parties have been renamed: The Dudes, and Gramps, respectively.
I must admit, the whole on-going situation has been somewhat stessful for me (it doesn't take much). We currently have a great big lawnchair parked in our front hall to give the Dudes a not so secret tunnel access to our main floor. Riker mostly leaves them alone as long as they don't cross an invisible line to the rest of the house, meaning they can't, unless they are very sneaky, get into the bedroom, or the living room, or the upstairs bathroom, but they now can watch the birds, sit in a window, play on the staircase, sleep under the lawnchair in the hall, or sit on my studio chair. That's progress, but still no night visits on the bed. Hopefully Gramps will get less grumpy with time. I suspect the Dudes are far more okay with the situation than I am, as they are mostly happy barring the occassional hissy fit. They came from an apartment, so in regards to sheer square footage and vertical space, they've gained some turf in their lives. I still, however wait for the day that I can share a few cute "cats cuddling on the bed" pics.
So that's the update, and one reason I've gone a bit quiet on the blog. It doesn't take much to get me into a quiet mood but when I feel off-kilter I find it hard to respond to anything (that's an apology to bloggers I've ignore)

Simba the artist. My chair is his chair. He's starting to join me at my desk, and since Riker never did this, Riker's okay with it.

Tunnel Warfare, Batman and Simba invade the front hall. It's a tripping hazard, and major inconvenience but if it brings peace to the house I'll live with it. I await the day I can put this all away.

Some "Dudes" inspired sharpie art just keep things on topic. 
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Adventures in Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint on 9x12 paper. (click on pics to go to etsy to super macro close-ups)
I’ve given acrylics yet another try. This time, having FUN! Yes, FUN!  Last year, I was picking away with tiny brushes, trying to give my small format artworks the same level of detail and line as my coloured pencil work. Some of it worked, but it killed my desire.
This time, I just put my paper on my desk, paint on tray, and GO! FUN! Of course I got bogged down with my own insecurities which slowed things down, but in between those moments of hesitation, things where spontaneous and surprising. 
I now have a section on my Etsy store, for Abstract Paintings (title subject to change).
Acrylic Paint on 9x12 paper. (click on pics to go to etsy to super macro close-ups)
I have about 20 finished items, lots more to blog about (though I don’t promise to get around to it), but I thought I would at least start with the first two. All of them are abstract, really truly purely abstract. Not a deliberate decision, just what happened when I put brush to paint to paper.
My blogging has been slow of late but I’m pretty noisy on instagram with works in progress and cat pics, so you can join me there if you like: kaslkaos on instagram, and I’ve been plugging away at keeping my Etsy shop up to date.
If my mood keeps up, I’ll have more here soon. (and Michelle, yes, I have done the challenge, just need to blog it now)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Make Your Own Wire Hook and Eye Clasp, Tutorial Part 2, The Eye

Now we make the second piece, the Eye, which is actually two eyes, one eye to attach to your necklace, and one to be grasped by your hook.
Since the beginning is exactly like the first step on making the hook end of the clasp, no need to repeat those instructions. The only change is the length of wire. For the Eye piece, cut only 13 cm of wire, and make your bend at 5 cm. This time, the bend should be about 45 degrees so that you can start the second eye, leaving a little bare wire to wrap on the shaft.
As before, you can use the wide end of the round-nose pliers as a guide for the eye (wrap around the shaft)
I learned the hard, so will say, it’s important that if your first eye is wrapped with the end of the wire lying across the eye, the second eye needs to be same or the ends will be impossible to line up nicely. Wrap your extra wire around the shaft just as before, clip off the extra length, and use the flat nose pliers to tidy things up (pinch coils together, pinch in the snipped ends).
Tada, finished, handmade by me (or you) matching hook and eye clasp ready to attach to just about anything made of 100percent pure copper. I love copper.

Blog hi-jack over. Sorry, no art or musings today. While making these doesn't take too long, learning how to, and documenting the process, well, that was a chore, but hopefully saves much time in the long run.

Make Your Own Wire Hook and Eye Clasp, Tutorial, The Hook, Part 1

So I’m hi-jacking my blog for a moment, so that I can document my process for future reference, my own. (and possibly yours).  I’ve finally mastered (more or less) making my own hook and eye clasp with copper wire.  I’ve been trying this on and off for a while, and every time I get back to it it is like re-inventing the wheel.
Enough of that, this time I took pictures, and measurements. Before I forget, here’s the process for all the world to see, and for me to remember.
Start with a length of wire (20 gage copper wire) and cut to 17 cm. Bend 4 cm in a tight fold (this will be the hook).
Wrap the wire around the large part of jewellery pliers (shown).
Grasp the resulting ‘eye’ with your flat pliers.
And wrap around the shaft of the hook.  If the short end of the wire is too long (overlaps the eye, trim it now, as you can’t do that after wrapping. It should be hidden within the wrap)
Wrap with your hand, the long untrimmed end will help, you need that extra length. You can tidy up a loose coil with your flat plier as you go along.

Then snip off the extra, and push the end down with the flat plier. Now you have an eye to attach to your chain and a double thick shaft to turn into a hook.
Using your jewellery pliers (the round nosed ones), put in a nice tight curl at the end.
Use your round-nosed pliers to pinch the curled end and bend down towards the eye into a hook.
And finish shaping it with a little bend at the bottom. Now you have a lovely little handmade by you (or in this case by me) hook.
A functional clasp needs two parts. A hook and eye. We just made a hook (with an eye). The eye is actually two eyes end to end, one that gets hooked, and one that gets attached to a chain or cord.
Next up, you need to make the second part. The eye of the clasp.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apollo’s Solar Flare—Oil Pastel

9x12inch oil pastel with coloured pencil and ink
I’ve been many oil pastels of late. Not all come out to see the light of day.  Since the medium is a bit of a departure for me (although not too much since I’m still using coloured pencil) I’ve been holding off. I have shifted my style as I have been joyfully exposed to so much great art on Etsy. It has pushed me to try new things, loosen up, get rough even. This one is probably one of the least rough, actually, but representative of how I’m using the oil pastels. 
What I do is lay on the pastels in thick layers, then scrape off with an art knife, repeat as much as required or until I make mud and trash it. Why is mud so easy to make? Argh. So it is an intuitive learning process, there are no nuts and bolts step by step instructions.  I just go for it and see what happens. For this one, I started with a sepia ink sketch, deeply inscribed so that the pastels would skip across the top.  I love science, and astronomy but have no formal knowledge but it’s fun to see the influence crop up in my art.
More delicious close-ups on etsy, Apollo’s Solar Flare

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Batman and Simba, an update, for catlovers only

Yep, I still have cats on the mind. These were going to be throwaway bookmarks, but now I’m trying to figure out how to compose them into one, or several linocuts.
I was asked for an update on Batman and Simba (their previous owners do care about their welfare) and I enthusiastically obliged. Why waste words on one person? So I’m sharing the update below.
To Batman and Simba’s previous owners:
Batman is coming around. He
and Simba sleep together all day on the top bunk bed (unfortunately,
too dark for pics) but it is lovely to see they are cuddle buddies,
and knowing that Batman has somebody to get him through the
transition.  I'm pretty sure they've been having a great time without
us overnights, as there is much rearrangement of soft furniture.
Somebody (Simba?) likes to drag blankets and pillows great distances.
On Friday, Batman played with Simba while we watched tv, with our dog
in the room. Dynamo, the dog, is being very good.  On Saturday, I had
both Simba and Batman chasing my Super Toy (a stick, a string, with
cardboard tied to the end; makes me think of all the money I ever
wasted on purchasing cat toys). Simba is NUTS about this, and I guess
Batman couldn't resist forever.  Last night, Randy and I played Cat
Fishing. We each had a super toy, and so had Batman & Simba going
after one, and Riker, our old cat going after the other. That's
progress from all three.  Oh, and Dynamo is in the room the whole
time, and Batman also took the opportunity to check out Dynamo from
All this takes place in the basement where we eat dinners and watch tv
so no pictures (we don't have great lighting).
This morning, I decided to give Simba some one on one time (no Dynamo
or Riker), and he was very enthusiastic in his affections. Batman
watched out in the open, circled me around, checked out my slippers,
checked out my hand, took lots of good long stares and walked about
doing normal cat things. So I think he's doing great, everyday getting
braver. He is such a gorgeous exotic looking cat.  I am very glad you
re-homed them together.
I think everything is progressing well. Introducing cats to multi-pet
households always takes longer. So many new things to negotiate.  New
environment, new people, big dog, big cat.  Taking it slowly is well
worth the wait.


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