Thursday, October 20, 2016

Rain Day, notes from the sketchbook.

Sonic rarely looks grumpy, but squirrels can really get him going. And yes, this he. The squirrel was checking out my bird feeders and striking some fabulous lightning quick poses. Sonic's idiosyncratic hairdo & posture is pretty much memorized.  
I remember not so many years ago wishing desperately that I could draw from imagination, without reference materials--somewhere along the road, it happened, yay.

Abstract oil pastels.
Primary colours, plus orange.

It's a rainy day, so a little more art time, less dog time, although I spent 20 minutes brushing him out. Considering he has a very practical coat, that was hardly necessary--points to the time thief.

Ordinary art supplies online, yikes, another time suck, but done.  Oodles of oil pastels plus a new mini sketchbook on the way.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gone to the Dogs

...and cats.

Here I sit, at the keyboard, cats mewing and purring and rubbing, saying, in their catly way, MY TURN.  That danged dog gets all of your time and attention. MAKE IT STOP.

And that's the truth. I call him my Time Thief of lately, as he steals time. In all honesty, I allow that to happen, he's my excuse, my distraction, my enabler.

So I gave him his own blog.  Sonic's Dog Blog (waitingfornino).

Which is not a promise that I will never mention Sonic here again, but sooner or later, I need to get back into the habit of not just making art (which I've actually been pretty good about continuing), but sharing those visual thoughts.

Ball point pen, the reverse of a marker painting.

From my sketchbook, oil pastel and marker.
& oh heck,
The dog,

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Sonic says Yay! Abstract Oil Pastel Video Tutorial (2 minute version)

Making art with Sonic is, erm, distracting to say the least.  If I'm lucky,, he hides in the basement (in his kennel) to sleep, but otherwise, he just hangs out with me, looking restless, or watching squirrels, or pacing, or whining (at which point, I take him to the kennel to cool it for a bit).
Today, he was real quiet, but he still managed to get himself in the picture. Video's 2 minutes. Yes, Sonic is there.
Here are two of the men in my life; they look oddly matched here.  I think Dynamo was my match, and Sonic is his.  Dynamo was a B*** * (female dog)'; Sonic is a sweetheart, there you go.
Ugh, must finish this post now. Sonic is sitting beside me, heavy breathing and making impatient blowing noises. Sigh....

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

More sketchbook in bite sized (less than 2 minutes) chunks on youtube.

More sketchbook in bite sized (less than 2 minutes) chunks on youtube.
My little sketchbook, part II
Some black and whites, just plain old ball point pen, and abstracts in oil pastel where the colours really start to flow.
And cute pets, Sonic and Riker waiting for supper.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook--a little vid and a dog

Video/1 minute

Hi, I'm still here.
Still trying to juggle active young crazy little dog and art.  He really does not take up that much of my time, but is a distraction.  Sneaks into my sketchbook on a regular basis.
While going into hermit mode on account of minding my dog, I'm still making art--lots, but not finding time to share and present.
So I tried something new for my sketchbook and used a 'slideshow' tool from youtube to give you a reasonable facsimile of flipping through my sketchbook.  You will see Sonic makes several appearances within.
And on that note:
Here's my awesome dog.  There's plenty more where he came from (but none quite like him) from Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic-- they do fabulous outreach work keeping the pups well kept in their original homes, but when things fall apart, they look further afield.
And for those of you curious as to how a dog can steal away your time (and heart).
Well here you go (keep in mind, I have no fenced yard so leashed walks are necessary and often).
Loose leash walking
Short leash walking
Greeting dogs on a long line
Paying attention in the presence of dogs while on a long line
Visiting friendly dogs at the dog park
Paying attention while visiting friendly dogs at the dog park
Exercise walks on a leash
Exercise walks in the woods on a long line
Thou shalt not chase squirrels
Thou shalt not dart across the street in front of a moving car
Thou shalt not attack Canada Goose lest the Canada Goose delivers a lesson you will never forget.
Muscrats are off-limits too.
Mourning doves--ditto
Coyotes--oh gosh, please, never ever go after a coyote, you will be lunch to a coyote.
Please do chase the frisbee
Please do bite the tuggee rope
Yes, do the pogo! Again! Pogo! (he leaps straight up, all four feet in the air, at the beginning of walks. Yes, I encourage it, named it, reward it, fun!)
Walking backwards in front of me is fun too.
Hopping sideways, yep,
Spinning at the end of leash, yep, all good.

I'm also doing basic foundation training to get him ready for agility class in the fall (maybe).

Busy days.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Notes from the Sketchbook, oil pastel, sharpie & copic markers

Venus in Transit: Moleskin travel book, hot pink sharpie ground, black ball-point pen, oil pastel over top.  This one was a lot of fun. I really loved the effect of layering the cooler blues over the hot pink marker.  It will be interesting to try this over a better (more toothsome) paper someday.  This is another example of me throwing creative 'blanks' desparately writing random words, and then prest--I'm getting excited about the planets (accidentally edited Uranus out of the picture, just as well, as I couldn't resist adding a cat-butt)

And on that note, Simba and Batman (who have gorgeous cat-butts, in their not-so-humble opinions).  Their previous owner recently asked for an up-date! Yay!  I love that they care, and that we can relate some really good news.  
This one is three copic markers, bright yellow, red, and duck blue (somewhat teal), going over the same page in multiple layers.  The colours blend in remarkable ways and yellow over blue & red turns a remarkable glowing bronze.

Jungle Fish.  On Sunday I started some randome scribbles in 3 colours of marker (red, blue, yellow), and the result was pretty frenetic.  I added ball-point pen, but it was still eye-searingly busy.  What fun to tone it down and make it flow with a top layer of oil pastel.

And below, more Sonic.  Now he's decided Canada Geese at any distance doing anything at all is super exciting--egads, why did I agree to take in a border collie??? 
He only looks like a whipped puppy here because he does not like being mugged for a photo.  His expression seconds before was lively, press the shutter button, and it instantly changes, weird (and I do have the sound turned off).

Friday, March 11, 2016

Two 8x8 Oil Pastel Abstracts

Here's the morning's abstract.  Yesterday, I treated myself and Sonic to a trip to the local art store's which translates to an outing of several hours.  I decided to try some pre-cut hot-press (that means super smooth) water colour paper.  It turns out to be perfect for my oil pastel work, being toothsome enough to hold the pigment, but smooth enough for good solid colour coverage.

And, speaking of Sonic, just wanted to mention, he's keeping me very busy. It's a little (no, a lot) hard to ignore a young active dog when I'm home during the day, so I'm only slowly settling back into my (dog-adjusted) routine. I'm not good with change.
So want to thank all of you for still being with me reading, looking  and especially commenting. It makes it all worth while, and I apologize for a few extra lame blog posts (the last two should have been in 'draft', oops). Thanks for not noticing, but I will sometimes have to let the art speak for itself anyway, so I guess that's okay, maybe.
I have lots of sketches, secreted away, as I have continued with my sketches while leaving social media aside (minus ingesting hours of dog-training videos).  I'm not sure if Sonic is part border collie but he sure reminds an awful lot of Dynamo (my previous purebred german shepherd) so it's Dynamo-Redux, another whirlwind adventure--that took me into rally-o and agility--who knows where Sonic will lead.
Till next time, thanks for reading and looking--I am, as usual, ecstatic about comments.

Update: Yep, I never posted that 2nd abstract (technical difficulties, straightened out literally).


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