Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Casual Connections

Kastle Kaos Drawbridge, is, was, and always will be a personal illustrated journal, and not a sales blog. For sales info check out my sales page or etsy store. I appreciate my readers immensely; those of you that I know of, I consider my friends. If I don't already know you, I would love to.

Here now is a static page created just for you.

I'm on Facebook now: you can join me there at: Ingrid Schmelter; I'll be happy to friend you there. If you're not into Facebook and social networking, you can see just the art, and only art on my Facebook Page Photo Gallery. It's accessible to any and all without any sign ups or logins.

You can chat with me on twitter @KaslkaosArt I'm always willing to talk about birds, weather and any other nonsense. If you happen to be online, I'm happy to engage in real-time chatting through twitter. You can get my attention with 'replies to' or private messaging.
You'll also find me at Wetcanvas Forums; of course, my user name is kaslkaos.

You can also find me at Atlas Quest, user name Ondine (this is my letterboxing name).

Email, incase you haven't already noticed is the right hand corner of the Blog Banner (Title Image)
You can also find me at Tim Hortons in Stouffville, in the nearby woods, and every so often on the shores of Lake Superior where a part of my soul will always linger.

PS. I'm still on dial-up, so while I try my best to visit your wonderful blogs on a regular basis, much depends on the library and other stolen moments of high speed access. Someday, I will be rich and infamous and will have my own high speed connection but that day is not today.
Image: graphite drawing done, of course, while sitting up in bed.


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