Friday, February 29, 2008

It's a wild party!

One of my earliest memories of my older brother involves this mean little game. He hid under the feather blanket (we called it a 'plumo') and said there was an amazing party going on under there. Then I would stick my head under the plumo, and experience nothing but dark and silence. Of course I protested and said there was no party; to which he replied, yes there is, but you're not invited so when you show up everybody goes away. After which he stuck his head under the plumo again and bragged about this fantastic party.
On February 9th, my husband and I took the dogs out for a ski run on the ORTA Hiking Trail. It was a dark and gloomy day, beginning with damp mist, changing to sleet and finishing up with rain. All the trees were clad with a dense layer of mounding snow beneath which lay impenetrable blackness. The dogs were utterly fascinated and, oblivious to our presence, continually disappeared into the netherworld of the forest. By their extreme level of excitement, it was obvious there was something wonderful happening under there, but, being merely human, I saw and heard nothing of interest.

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