Friday, February 22, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

I actually managed to stay awake for this one! I do vaguely recall a summer night, long ago, sitting in a lawn chair staring up at the unchanging sky awaiting the lunar eclipse. Finally, with sleepy sore watering eyes, I squinted at my watch and realized I'd missed the entire event.
This time the eclipse arrived conveniently at 8:43pm (Feb20-2008) with clear skies. I bundled up in triple layers of clothes, dressed my youngest dog, Dynamo, in a fleece vest, and, with husband in tow, headed to a nearby field. It was cold, and slightly breezy. We kept busy walking about, looking for the darkest section of sky (a path between pines that obscured the light haze from Toronto), and watched the moon get nibbled at. As we settled into our space, the dog got bored and began biting at the crusted snow. While this activity kept her amused (she has absolutely no interest in astronomical phenomenon) it must have chilled her to the bone. Next time I looked, she was gingerly holding a paw in the air and violently shivering. Since I had no intention of missing the event this time around, I wrapped her in my quilted turquoise coat. The sky went dark, the moon turned rusty, and the dog did not get frost-bite.
Pencil Crayon on black paper.

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