Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Zoo Day--You Are Invited

My big brother lives in Toronto, less than an hour drive from my home, but somehow, we only manage to get together once a year. Whenever that happens, we have a great time, swear we should do this more often, but then it never happens. Christmas used to be the excuse we needed, then it was New Years Eve, and now the latest tradition is a day at the zoo over the Easter Weekend. It fits in with our schedule.
Now, neither of us like telephones much, either, and answering machines even less (though we both own one), and he doesn't have email. To get around this problem, I send invites via mail (yes, you know, a big piece of paper, sealed in an envelope, lick a stamp, drop it in a box, yeah, that kind of mail).
Here's this years invitation; being made for my big brother, I couldn't help but be a bit cheeky about it.
Pencil crayon of blue paper.

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