Friday, March 14, 2008

3 Good Reasons to be a Blood Donor

My husband and I have been blood donors for quite some time. At first he was a reluctant tag-along, but lately he's been an enthusiastic regular. Could it be that he has a tendency to be in the centre of a gathering of nurses?
On our last foray, sure enough, whilst I lay prone and draining, I heard again the sounds of feminine laughter, and peaking around, there he was, surrounded by three blond nurses (I kid you not--this really was the scene).
Okay, the true story: some of that blond came from a bottle, and the gathering was due to technical difficulties. They couldn't find a good vein, and, in fact, that lovely baggie of blood was rather limp on delivery as they had to abort the mission before it was filled. Apparently, the vein collapsed, or some such thing, which precipitated the flurry of attention. But still, when an else can a married man garner so much feminine attention with the full approval of his wife?
Me, I'm in it for the free cookies.

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