Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Before the storm

We camp on the beach at Lake Superior Provincial Park every summer for as long as we are able. Last September, we were lucky enough to score a prime campsite on the sand beach. Large storms rolling from the west often produce long glassy rollers that are perfect for body surfing if you can stomach the cold. I used to hate swimming in cold water until Superior tempted me in with its aquatic roller coasters. I had mixed feelings about this storm, though. It was pretty to watch, but it eventually dumped buckets of water all over our hot-dog supper.
I'm not telling you which beach this is, because I wouldn't want the whole world trampling all over it. Just me, my dog, my husband, other nature nuts, bear, lynx, sand-pipers, seagulls, crayfish, moose, etc....

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Anna said...

Thanks for sharing, and this is really nice picture, total reflection of your post. Anna :)


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