Sunday, March 30, 2008

Many Happy Returns! 100 Year Celebration!

On March 15th, while out for an afternoon ski in the Eldred King Forest tract, I heard the distinctive 'gronk, gronk' call of the raven. I searched the tree-latticed sky, but couldn't find the source of the sound. Giving up, I once again looked the trail, and continued on my way, grateful of the opportunity to at least re-confirm the presence of this species. Moments later, I heard overhead the rattle of wingbeats, and saw not one, but two ravens passing over head. They spoke to one another along their travels as ravens do, and I could only guess at the meaning of their conversation.
It was, for me, a momentous event, filled with hopeful magic. Deluged as we are with dreadful tales of fallen forests and species driven to extinction, it is a privilege to be a witness to the ravens comeback.
It has been a 100 years since the ravens have been counted in the York Regional Forests; let's celebrate their return!
"Raven makes first appearance in 100-plus years at bird count" (article by the Georgina Chronicle)


Anna said...

That is very interesting story. I was not aware of this, however, I am still haveing hard time to distinguish from crow and raven. BTW thank you for your recent visit to my blog neighbour. Anna :)

kaslkaos said...

Ravens are much larger than crows, but there are some very big crows around. I identify by the sound. Crows do the familiar "caw, caw" sound. Ravens make a variety of low noises that sound like "gronk, gronk", "goink" and "grack!", plus something that sounds like a stacatto note on a piano key "pic". Hope you hear them soon.

Anna said...

Thanks for the info, it may come handy. I will then listen for it. Thanks again, Anna :)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

This is a truly beautiful homage to "Raven". You have the hands of an artist and the heart of a poet.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love to find new and exciting work and to see into the inspirations of others....

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much for compliments, Michelle. Coming from a master painter as you are, I'm humbly blushing. I'll be visiting your blog often as it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ingrid,

This is Kim Chan from Neopost. Randy gave me your website. I am totally amzed , but not surprised. You always struck me as a very creative person.

I love this picture of the Ravens, it is very interesting.

I have been here at work reading your blog since I got here, I find it quiet interesting.

Thanks you for sharing your alent with the world.

Take Care,


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