Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One Way -- Do Not Enter!

There is a downhill slope along the north-east perimeter of the Hollidge Tract that I absolutely do not recommend for skiing in a westward direction. It starts of with a long straight slope that lets you pick up speed at a gradual pace and ends with a steep drop and dog-leg turn at the bottom. For cross-country skiers new to the area, a "One Way--Do Not Enter!" sign might be helpful. Judging by the tracks I saw on March 1, some anonymous person choose to abort their westward plummet by straddling a large pine tree. Ouch!
Me, I take the middle route, which features a sharp steep but ruler straight slope, where I can pick up plenty of speed, shout "Whoo, hoo!", and race my dog (and win if she's already tired). So far, I only wiped out once this year.

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