Friday, March 7, 2008


The York Regional Forests are fractured parcels of forest tracts surrounded by farmland and estate homes and bisected by highways and concessions roads. In spite of these limiting factors, they are a haven for wildlife and support species not normally seen in southern Ontario.
It was last spring, while walking through the Eldred King Tract, that I was first surprised by the call of a raven . Its call is unmistakable, both eerie and amusing at once. It is a sound of the wilderness that I had only heard in contiguous forests much further north. I was thrilled, and a little bit skeptical. My birders field guide informs me that they are not found so far south, and perhaps this one was just a little lost.
On March 2, 2008, while skiing with husband and dogs in tow, I heard its call (a gutteral metallic 'goink' 'goink') yet again, and looking up, saw a large dark bird gliding with weighty grace through the sky. I hope this one is making itself at home, and that I will have the privilege of hearing the ravens talk again.

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