Thursday, June 26, 2008

1 Billion Biting Flies & 1 Bat

I had an extended weekend in the northish part of Ontario. Officially called the Near North, but once you've been north of Superior, Sudbury and region seems decidely south. I went to Killarney Provincial Park. It was a short four days with so many things to keep me busy.

*Seeing a painted turtle high on a hill.
*Inspecting an unidentified swamp flower that sported golden balls of star-shaped flowers.
*Using binoculars to see magnificent pitcher-plant flowers standing as sentinels over the cranberry bog (but hopelessly beyond reach).
*Drinking coffee with good friends beneath a well-strung tarp.
*Eating fantastic fresh fish fried to a melt-in-your-mouth crisp at the Herberts Fisheries trailer (the only eatery I know of where I can bring my dog & watch yachts float by).
*Swimming with the fishies in George Lake while menacing storm clouds drift in and grumble.
*Admiring all the pink ladies slippers scattered along the trails.
*Mortal combat with horse flies as big as my thumb, swarms of deer flies, clouds of mosquitoes, sneaky black flies, and a smattering of no-see-ums. Although not quite invisible, no-see-ums are aptly named. They are tiny enough to fit through screens and you'll only know they're around when they bite. We were happy to see a lone bat flittering above the campsite on Sunday evening as it was certainly scooping up flies. By Monday afternoon we were tired of being everyones dinner, and piled into the car to head for home.

With all that activity, I didn't get time to sketch a single thing. That's what the memory banks are for.

Images: approx 3"x3" each, pencil on office paper

Thank you Cyd for spelling help. Gage turns out to be an American spelling variation, and as I insist on spelling colour with a 'u' I ought to be consistent regarding Canadian/British spelling. Gauge it is.


Burraakk said...

By the way ,i am an engineer on forestry in Turkey ...i work for the forest service..
and i like all of what you write at the blog... you describe the NATURE in a perfect way...

Hawley Studios said...

Sounds like a memorable experience! Love the sketches. 8)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

While you were in Killarney, I was in Restoule! And the experience was similar... LOL!

I have had that fish... it's amazing....

kaslkaos said...

Burraakk, glad you're back again. Having a forestry guy reading my blog is very cool. The forest I write most about (York Regional Forest) is what is called a "managed" forest with people deciding when to plant and when to cut and when to leave things alone.
Hawley, so glad you love the sketches. I just don't always have time to do the big full colour pencil crayon stuff. It's nice to get away with a quickie sometimes.
Michelle, you're making me hungry. The fish is a once a year feast. I have 11 1/2 months to go. Urg.
Regarding the bugs...'tis the season to be eaten'

Chrissy said...

It sounds lovely, I think I could live with the bugs if I ever got the chance to visit :-D
Great sketches, I am very impressed with the swimmer :-D


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