Sunday, June 15, 2008


And now the truth; all is not sweetness and light. This is me being grumpy. I was doing up my lily picture when my husband joined me to watch a Saturday sunset. And I got grumpy. Really grumpy. He was trying his best to be unobtrusive, peering at a newspaper, watching the sunset, quietly minding his own business, and I got grumpy anyway, snapping my pencils down, glaring off into space and and not doing any art. I had no reasonable reason to be grumpy; I just was. The unreasonable reason is that I absolutely hate having an audience to my scribbling, and I really wanted to get the lily done, and I'd gone through several versions, and I'd already misplaced a full set of watercolour pencils and only had the fat crayons to work with, and darn it his presence was disturbing my creativity. How petty is that. My husband is a saint for putting up with this stuff. He quietly walked away and let me do my thing. Is there a medal for that?

Image: 5"x7" sketch paper, coloured pencil and water-soluble crayon, drawn and painted while feeling very grumpy.


Chrissy said...

I used to get agitated at people watching me drawing and painting. Because I go RC flying for long periods of time, if I want to get something done then it needs to go with me. Now loads of people come over and check out what I am doing, oddly enough I am becoming immune to it...this is good because whilst I think solitude is necessary for everyone, there are times when its good to be able to draw in company...Now simply needing a little solitude is a whole different thing, we all need that sometimes! I think he gets a medal for being intuitive and for letting you wreck his sunset;-)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy. And I hope I can get over it too, as there would be so much more time in the day to do art. By way of apology to medal bearing husband, I had him read this entry, and your comment. He liked both very much.


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