Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Smell Lilacs--the last days of Spring

May 25th
I smell lilacs, I smell appleblossom, I smell sprays of dainty white flowers that have no name. It is spring, late May, the leaves are unfurled, and mosquitoes and blackflies are on the wing. All the trees are blooming. The scents of flowers thick in the air changing with every step I take. Lilac, honeysuckle, apple blossom, spirea, and I don't know what else, but all of it sweet and lovely.
On May 24th, I walked the ORTA Hiking trail, the Goodwood Tract between the 3rd and 2nd concession. Heading west and ever upwards, it is neither wilderness nor parkland. Everywhere, along its length, lies evidence of the hand of man, intermingled with an abundance of nature. Spruce trees line the pathway in dark stately rows to the south, and a low wall of feral gooseberries sprawls across the north side. A plank bridge, newly built and sponsored by "******" spans a fast flowing stream of clear water. An abandoned orchard is dotted with gnarled trees and punctuated by a rusted water pump. Apple trees, bent, broken, and broad bottomed, blossom there only to give way to a vale buttressed by the silver boles of maples. A slow meander of water, hidden beneath a blanket of lush grasses is revealed only by the sinuous saffron line of marsh marigolds in bloom. A blue sky, brushed in platinum cloud stands over all. The smell of flowers is everywhere, and green is more than a colour.

Image: pencil crayon on 11x14 bristol, over-cropped by limited scanner size. Conceived May 17th, under a soaking rain, trekked back a week later under hot sun, finally finished June 7th, sidetracked by singing mushrooms & finally posted June 10th.


Chrissy said...

Great bit of writing, the lilac has just finished but the smell from next doors permeated the air for a good couple of weeks. Love the green of your drawing, just conjures up Spring :-D

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Lovely post - and I love the drawing!

I was involved in a early project for the ORT. Some other students and I with specialties ranging from geography, biology, urban planning and heritage did a series of maps showing areas of significance on the Oak Ridges moraine in hopes of assisting the proposed trail. It was one of the best summers of my life!

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

beautiful drawing, its so lush I just want to take off my shoes and go walking!

thank you for the kind words on my blog (I'm sort of new to blogging, I never know where to reply!)


kaslkaos said...

Thanks, Chrissy. Lilacs are great, and all the other nice spring smellies too. Sounds like you enjoy those things too.

Michelle, now I know who to thank for all my lovely walks. I have the ORTA map book with all the great trails. It's fun to know you were involved-small world, eh?

Cat, I'm new to blogging too, so I haven't a clue about where to reply, but thank you for visiting my blog! You're welcome to take off your shoes, but careful of the poison ivy! ;-)


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