Saturday, June 7, 2008

Play With Your Food!

Okay, I'll admit in posting this, that I'm somewhat stretching my definition of art to squeeze this one in. I choose to call it a collage; materials used being fungus, wood and water. So there, bite me.
These are delicious yellow morels, collected from undisclosed locations (I would never share my hunting grounds). As I prepared them for eating, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful they looked. First, of course, I had to gently wash the sand off them. Then, as I don't like to share, I removed the slug that had already begun dining on one of them. Slug lovers, be reassured, the slug is now enjoying a roman holiday in my compost.
As yellow morels are a rare treat, found only in spring time in the woods, I fry them only in butter with a small bit of salt and pepper, as I don't want to mask their natural nutty flavour.
As these began to sizzle, things took a turn for the weird. The chambered caps, turning grey, began to pulse and ripple. They looked very much like those living brains in a jar so often featured on old Star Trek episodes. When the sizzling rose up in pitch and frequency things took a real turn into the Twilight Zone. I swear, it sounded like the brains had voices, but I'll never be sure whether or not they were singing or screaming. I showed no mercy and fried them up until they were brown and crispy, and then I ate them.


Jennifer Rose said...

lol poor mushrooms :p Those types of mushroom always remind me of brains. Good to know though that some are poisonous (I followed that link). I'm not a mushroom fan, but still good to know what is poisonous.

that is really odd that the mushrooms were talking, would make a creepy twilight episode or a trippy episode of the Outer Limits. killer screaming mushrooms. :p

Greg said...

You know, I'm only an occasional mushroom fan, but I like to keep an open mind. Having never tried yellow morrels I thought, hmmm, that might be interesting...I like nutty flavors. But somehow, I'm not feeling *quite* so adventurous now with the whole brain and screaming thing. Interesting phenom, though.

They sure LOOK cool, though, don't they?

quiltbug said...

I'm not sure if you know that I'm a vegetarian. I'm afraid that if the morels were screaming for mercy and/or looked like brains, I don't think I could continue the cooking process and would probably not be able to eat them - delicious nutty flavour or not. I have eaten them years ago abut remember the yummy taste well.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Very cool - but I am fairly certain I would not eat them, I am not into fungus of any kind... especially ones that talk.

I'd love to see you draw these! ;)

kaslkaos said...

Whew. Those mushrooms sure were popular (past tense, poor things now being well-digested).
Jennifer, you're right, it is good to know the poisonous ones. I learned mushrooming from my Dad, who learned it from his Dad, etc.. so I'm pretty familiar with them. These morels, what with the singing and all, sure were the weirdest meal I've ever eaten.
Greg, welcome aboard! They were fun food. If you're tempted (in spite of reports of fungal sentience) do take the time to research the nasty ones first.
Quiltbug, now I'm starting to feel like I had just a little too much fun eating these...? ;-)
Michelle, nice to see you here. Don't worry, most people won't eat them, which means more for me! Drawing them? I'll add it to my list, I still have a bunch of wildflowers that haven't seen a scrap of paper yet. Morels would be fun, though. No rest for the weary.

Chrissy said...

I don't think I have ever seen anything that looks like them, let alone ate it, LOL. Field mushrooms are the limit of my experience but I would have no mercy if they screamed at me, they are lovely.


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