Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sunshine for Breakfast

As soon as the weather turns warm, my husband and I like to sit on our deck during the peaceful time of the morning before the traffic wakes up. Saturdays and Sundays are special days, when my husband and I spend quiet time together, sipping coffee, bird-watching and reading the newspaper (that's my thing, not his). In the winter, we sit by the fire, but by late spring, we gather outside on our verandah. Seated on cushioned lawn-chairs, sheltered by a fabric gazebo, we can survey the garden, the road, and the neighbourhood beyond.
The current star of our overgrown garden is the lemon daylily. Precariously perched at the top of 3' stalks, some are bound to come crashing face first into the dirt. The night before I rescued this one to enjoy indoors, but the cats were too interested in snacking on its fragrant petals: the bouquet, for it's own safety, had to be banished outside. I love lemon daylilies--they have the strongest scent of all their kind (at least the ones I know) and they are first to bloom, filling in the gap between tulip time & summer time. The fallen lily added an elegant touch to our garden breakfast ritual, and the fragrance was sweet as sipped our coffee. I used garden weeds, Queen Anne's lace, and creeping charlie to add some frothy greeny to contrast the lily's single stem. Occasionally the best things in life really are free.

Image: 5"x7" Sketch paper, coloured pencil and water soluble crayon.


Jennifer Rose said...

very nice sketch, the colours reminds me a lot of the start of summer. :) Never heard of this type of lily, I have to look into maybe trying to grow one next year. (and it would have to stay inside so the dozens of feral cats don't eat it)

Hawley Studios said...

I love this, the colors and the style. 8)

Lisa Purcell said...

Love this one. Light, lovely.

kaslkaos said...

Hello all. Jennifer, if you're still there, I added a link for the lemon daylily. They are easy to grow outdoors. The cats will be busy eating mice.
Hawley Studios, & Lisa Purcell, thanks visiting, and welcome. Thank you for compliments on one of my quickies.

Jennifer Rose said...

thank for adding the link with all the info, lots to read :) So many cats around here that there are not that many mice for them to eat (if any). They resort to trying to catch birds or eating people's garbage. :/


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