Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2007 Holiday Series: Day 1

Okay, let's start with confessions. I have nothing new to show you. I've been flat on my back with a fever for 5 days now. What began as extreme fatigue last Thursday, turned into a run of the mill intestinal flu, not pleasant, but not life threatening either. It gave me a chance to catch up on popular culture (ie. daytime tv) so now I know how to diet, put on make-up to make me look 10 years younger, and renovate my house. I'm better now, so no need for sympathy cards (ps. immodium and its generic equivalent really does help) although I'm woefully tired of gatorade, dry toast, chicken soup, and crackers. Unfortunately, the pop-tarts didn't go down well, but cherry popsicles are always yummy.
Last year, I packed up a small 5x7 sketchbook and some crayola markers to bring along on holiday. The markers where meant for my letterboxing activities, but I couldn't resist using them on the sketchpad. Day 1 consists of driving. 9 hours of driving, bum in car seat, butt cramps, leg cramps, with the occasional relief at a variety of bathroom stops. One of the last bathroom stops is a gas station just north of Sault Ste Marie on Highway 17. While I was dressed in my camping dingies, it really was Saturday night for the locals. Still, a rather plump (and who isn't these days?) girl walking along the highway caught my eye. She was dressed to the nines in cherry red 4" heels, a skin tight mini-skirt and gold clutch purse. She walked with a lush swagger against a backdrop of an endless forest. I'm not sure if it was the juxtaposition of town and country, or the primeval display of vitality, both human and herbaceous that riveted me. Whichever the reason, it made it into my sketchbook that evening.

PS. I hope everyone reads Jennifer Rose's comments on North Tract, where she gives a really great description of living with nature in another wild region of Ontario. Read it Here: just scroll down to the comments.

Image: crayola marker, pencil, digital colours, on 5"x7" sketch paper


Jennifer Rose said...

what on odd thing to see. 4 inch heels walking on a sidewalk can be hard, but down a highway is just dangerous (I can just walk in 3.5 inch wedges, and have to take them off to climb stairs :P)

markers are great for sketching with, so many colours to use. nice to have a story to go with the sketch because I would have had a few questions to go with it if there had not of been a story lol

glad to read you are better and thanks for pointing out my comment :)

Chrissy said...

I just could not walk in those, surprisingly for a very unsensible type person ;), I wear very sensible shoes and always have!
She does look somewhat out of place!
Sorry to hear you have been poorly, hope you are well on the way to recovery now - ChrissyX

kaslkaos said...

Hey, I'm better now. Just had a nice greasy burger and onion rings. Yum. Now if that isn't a test of intestinal fortitude...
We could speculate till Christmas about the girl in the heels, but the Sault is a city, and there were restaurants down the street, so I guess it wasn't that out of place. I totter in 1" heels, let alone 4" so I try not to be too judgmental, but its always fun to speculate. Of course she was really walking on the shoulder, not the road. It was just a quick sketch. I'm not big on photo accuracy in these things. Thanks for checking in.


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