Friday, August 29, 2008

A Nice Place to Play Frisbee

Perception depends on the viewer.
I see a confusing convergence of pathways, and I check the shadows for direction. My dog sees a nice place to play frisbee. She comes bounding up and gives my toy pouch a meaningful glare; does some frog leaps in place to ensure I get the point. I oblige and the games begin. I admire the benign pedatory display of chase, snatch and shake, and begin to take in the backdrop of gold speckled meadow nested within the forest. I'd been marching at a steadfast pace for an hour, slightly lost and pressed for time. Now, settled into the moment by the prompting of a dog I notice the late afternoon light and its strong lazy shadows, the flat blue of the sky and the pale glitter of a lone aspen.

Leap, snatch and shake--my dog sees a nice place to play frisbee--I finally see the beauty of the trees.


Cyd said...

It's beautiful, and really captures the moment. It's an interesting paradox that the dog's running and playing prompted you to find stillness.

kaslkaos said...

Hey, thanks Cyd. It was exactly those juxtapositions that told me this was a moment I needed to paint and talk about.


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