Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Queen of the Night

I spent a weekend with very good friends. They live in the woods on the North Magnetawan River in a cabin without running water, telephone or road access. During winter visits, we ski across lakes, rivers and islands to arrive at their home. In summer, we are ferried in via aluminum boat with a ten horsepower motor attached to the back. As always when it is hot, I arrived wearing a dress. This is a matter of comfort, not style, but as all my 'dog-walking' dresses where in need of laundering (due to muddy paw prints) I had to reach deep into my closet for something else. It was a blue printed rayon dress, plain in shape but full of stars and moons, and on account of my attire, I was thereby dubbed "Queen of the Night". The imagery was lovely, so I drew it.

Image: watercolour, coloured pencil, & wax crayon on 5"x7" sketch paper


quiltbug said...

I'm here in jolly olde England reading your blog and thinking that this latest work of art would make a fabulous art quilt. I'm sure Cindy could do it justice with some of her beautiful bead work.

Jennifer Rose said...

sounds like a pretty dress :) The name definitely brings to mind a lady staring at the stars, walking the forest in moonlight (of course it could also mean a completely different thing to certain people ;) )

kaslkaos said...

Hi Quiltbug: I hope your having a great time in England. That's a long way to go. And thanks for taking time out to stop by blog while your there. Queen of the Night would be pretty with real sparkles.
Hi Jennifer: I must read too much fantasy, because of course, I wasn't thinking of other possible meanings, but now I am... hmmmm. Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah sorry :)


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