Friday, August 8, 2008

Weed or Flower?

It's all a matter of perspective, isn't it? This year, something new came up in my front garden. It had fine curly needle leaves, a little like cosmos or dill. Since I didn't immediately recognize it as a thistle, dandelion, or other common weed, I left it to grow; sometimes only time will tell. By July it was 3' spray of dainty daisy-like flowers, hovering like summer butterflies over lacy fronds of green. I decided then that it was a 'keeper' but I still had no idea of what it was. I brought in a flower to help me browse through my field guides, and my closest guess is something called Mayweed, but I'm still not sure, as the guide describes it as smelling foul, and mine has no scent at all. The lack of scent seems to rule out camomile also, but it is so beautiful I haven't a care what you want to call it. It is now a garden treasure.

Image: Still life, 3"x5" watercolour on 130lb paper


Chrissy said...

Lovely little watercolour...Perhaps it is a seed blown from elsewhere. I once planted love-in-a-mist in my garden, the following year it could be seen in everyones for miles around, LOL

kaslkaos said...

That's hilarious. I planted purple malva a few years ago, and it reseeds itself quite generously. Is it a coincidence that there's a big patch of growing across the lake from me? Hmmm...


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