Thursday, October 23, 2008

ACEO's--What I've been up to

Snow fell two days ago, and pockets still remain today. I can't say exactly why, but the very first snow fall always feels like a portent of magic. Imagine the woods being shushed to sleeping by snow softly falling.

I took a billion million pictures--actually, my camera is quite limited, so it was just a few. I didn't want to miss the opportunity. Sorry no artwork for the fantastic phenomenon of fresh snow falling on autumn leaves, but I've busy doing ACEO's. When I started them, I imagined brushing them off at a rate 1/2 hour per piece. Na Uh... Some of them take me hours, while some of them are fully realized in much less. The black unicorn presented here took me hours, however, I have to admit part of the time was spent on learning and fixing. The original watercolour wash was far too dull in colour and I stubbornly insisted on winning the war. This morning I finally admitted defeat and put on an all new layer of brighter zestier gouache. I'm happy, but what a colossal pain! I hope you don't mind my foray's into fantasy art.
For those of you who are nature nuts, I'll present some of my snow photos too.
The dog in the photo is Dynamo, of course, my 6 year old german shepherd. She loves the woods and playing frisbee. She was pretty po'd that I interrupted her games to take these shots! The setting is Hollidge Tract, York Regional Forest. I love the patterns on the path. Eyes down is not always a bad thing.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I adore the unicorn! How appropriate when the outside seems so full of magic...

Jennifer Rose said...

Snow!! I miss snow lol

The unicorn looks very nice, lovely colours in the mane. I don't mind at all about your foray into fantasy art. I think more people sould make fantasy art, great for the imagination. :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle and Jennifer; its nice to have permission to do fantasy. It gets poo poo'd too much. I would have had my wrist slapped, or worse, if I'd done such a thing in art college.
The snow is all gone now, but the autumn colours are lovely.

Jennifer Rose said...

well I'm screwed in uni if I can't draw fantasy :p

I had Robert Batemen's brother as an art teacher one year. He actually wrote on one of my sketchbook "Draw more from life, stop drawing fantasy". Yeah we didn't get along :/ (I could go on about other things he did that I couldn't stand but I wont :p)

kaslkaos said...

Oh, now I'm intrigued! Robert Bateman's there's a story to be told.
Of course drawing from life can enhance the fantasy art (I'm just learning that fact).

Jennifer Rose said...

I only took the class because I couldn't get a spare. I already had taken every art class at the schools I had went to. I thought it would be interesting to hear and see what he had to teach. No. Not interesting at all. :/ But I will leave it at that lol Don't want to get into trouble :p

A good fantasy artist is one that can draw almost anything not just fantasy stuff. Need to make eh fantasy stuff look real so drawing from life helps.


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