Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Brain Tree

Sometimes, rarely, my brain feels like a colossal tree, ancient and gnarled with branches that reach out into the far distant edges of the universe and roots that probe the depths of time. These are good days.
Mostly, however, my brain feels like a closet, small and dark with not much going on inside. I hate those days, which are often too many, when the brain is occupied with dusty clutter of daily life--unpleasant people, tight budgets, not enough money, too many calories, car trouble,noisy neighbours, stock market fiasco!, bad smells--did I tell you my dog got skunked? And we spent all evening scrubbing her up and down with a ghastly mix of dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and vinegar? And made her sleep all night in her crate even though she made pathetic little moaning noises?
And she got skunked whilst visiting, so the backseat of our car is equally skunked, and with the windows rolled up its enough to make your eyes water (even after scrubbing the back seat with aforementioned chemical stew). And after riding in that car you smell bad enough to make the grocery clerks eyes crinkle up. Eeeew.
Right now, my brain is a very smelly closet. Hopefully inspirations will waft by soon.
The image is a painting about my brain on a good day. And was done on one of my better days.


Jennifer Rose said...

love all the colours :D

Don't get skunks here so don't have to worry about bathing a smelly dog but I did bathed lots of skunked dogs at the dog groomers :/ People would always know we had a skunked dog in the shop and avoid the place like the plague :p

Chrissy said...

I love the tree, it is a lovely painting...I guess we all worry about stuff that fills the mind. Thankfully I have never experienced skunk, so it is hard to imagine..

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, I guess you know then what it's like. We are 'do-it-yourselfers', so we never thought of unloading our dog at the groomers.
Chrissy, you're lucky. Skunk smells like the bad smell they put into natural gas but it lingers. Want a ride in my car!!!
Thanks both for compliments, those are always fun ;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

most people didn't want to make their bathroom smell :p was fine unless it was a Collie. Lots of hair to wash :p

kaslkaos said...

Ewww! We didn't even let her in the house, and washed her down outside (luckilly it was a warmish night) and it still smells a bit in our yard. Car is getting better (my eyes don't water).


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