Sunday, October 19, 2008

In A Far Country

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Don't say I didn't warn you that this blog may take a few sharp left turns.

This is a little like hanging my underwear out to dry.

Firstly, thank you to any blogger (and you know who you are) brave enough to present their rough sketches to the world. Here's a few of mine.
Secondly, it was a humdinger of a dream that I had, the kind you get (if you're lucky) every six months or so. Okay, if you're prone to nightmares, I guess that would be unlucky. I believe the technical term is vivid dream (actually listed as a side-effect for some pharmaceuticals--no, I'm not taking any, legal or otherwise). These are the sorts of dreams that scroll out like a movie on the big screen, but with full surround sound, 3-d perspectives, sensations and sound. Upon waking, the details are easily remembered. If I knew how to get more of these (sans pharma's!) I would certainly try--it's much more fun than lucid dreaming (wherein the dreamer controls the dream) as I don't know what happens next.

Images: 5"x7" sketch paper, graphite, and Tombow pen. This is the first time I really gave the Tombow a good workout. If you've never seen one, it's a dual-tipped marker, one side is a fine point, the other is a brush-shaped foam tip. I'm impressed--I did all those darks without it showing any sign of drying. And I did this sitting up in bed with the sketchpad held at an angle, propped up by a lap-cat. Sadly, the ink is not waterproof, so there's no chance of colouring up images later with watercolours. It was fun hand-writing the text (to read it, you'll have to click on the image to make it larger) spelling errors and all (see 'apocalypse'!)


Jennifer Rose said...

I love when I get dreams like this, makes for great drawings :)

Shame the ink isn't waterproof, would make nice coloured pieces. They look good in black and white, but the colour of your dreams is interesting to capture and sometimes gives hints as to what the dream could be really about. I don't get these dreams any more since I started taken some meds :/

kaslkaos said...

Shame about the lost dreams...ack, that sounds positively existential. But really, that is a loss...hope you get them back.
As for colouring these, could be done via computer, but just think sepia tones, browns and dingy ultramarine. And a touch of carmine for melodrama. Now you've got me thinking of a redo on wc paper, oh my...

Chrissy said...

I saw this and just recognised the beauty of having pen and paper with you at all times. I had a fab dream about two weeks ago, it was a great mystery one and quite stunning but a couple hours later, I cannot remember it. You catch the instantanous moments very well :D

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy. It was a struggle at any rate. I actually had to close my eyes numerous times to execute these pics. It would be nifty to redo some day with some decent figure & architecture references handy, but there's only so much time in a day. Too bad you can't remember your dream, dang, I want to hear about it now!


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