Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brilliant Blogger Award

Thank you so much Michelle Hendrey for this award (and the other one that I failed to pick up, so sorry, as I really really appreciated getting it). You are such a great artist that an award from you is an immense honour. And thank you for making this award obligation free, so that I can freely pass it on.
This is my FIRST time to pick-up an award, so please forgive any rookie mistakes.
In no particular order, I would like to thank and pass this award to:
Chrissy Marie: she runs a fun and busy blog, and has always made me feel welcome there. You can see all her beautiful cards, watercolours and more at her blog. Her positive energy just sparkles across the internet. (ps. thanks, and apologies for not picking up the blog award you gave me: the sentiment was hugely appreciated!)
Jennifer Rose: who keeps my blog feeling much loved with a comment about everything. She does great coloured pencil work (and more) and blogs about her life as a Canadian in Scotland.
Visioneer Windows: (who will probably remain silent on the matter) for creating and maintaining a blog that is always intensely thought-provoking in words and pictures.
Cyd: a fellow blogger who gets to make comments in person over coffee and donuts. She does crafty/knitty things, and we get to see each others works in real time. I am privileged to get to touch and feel the things she's blogging about.
This award is obligation free: so enjoy and pass it on only if you wish. Thank you Brilliant Bloggers!


Jennifer Rose said...

oh thank you!! :D

Cello said...

congrats man! And your artwork is really good! You have a lot of talent my friend!

I'm an artist myself and I am creating a Graphic Novel and I made a blog documenting the process, i'll have artwork, sketches, ideas & more posted on there. I saw you were into graphic novels and thought you would like to be interested in following the blog. I need followers to build up a buzz and if you think the project looks cool, I would appreciate it.

You can find the blog here:

Let me know what you think! Thanks!


kaslkaos said...

You are most welcome Jennifer. The award came just when I was looking for an opportunity to thank my most faithful of followers. There are times when I wonder who's out there, and then you drop by every time. Makes it worth it.
Cello, thanks for the compliments--good luck on your graphic novel. It's a huge amount of work and something I've yet to attempt. Brave and ambitious.

Chrissy said...

Thank you very much and you were welcome to yours, I always enjoy wondering through your blog. I feel as though I get to see a wonderful piece of the world that as yet I haven't had the opportunity to do...

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy! I've been wanting to thank you too for quite some time. I think I was too uptight about the award thing at the time, but I also don't follow many blogs, so it's hard for me to follow the award rules sometimes. Your comments are always appreciated, and visits to your blog are fun.


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