Saturday, November 8, 2008

It's a Girl!

Just an update on Swan #787: sorry no pics today. I'm posting from the local library today taking full advantage of their high speed internet access.

I just got a surprise phone-call: it was from the guy who tagged the swan and he gave me the following info.
#787 was tagged at the Stouffville Reservoir (about 15km south of the lake) in June 2003. Its a GIRL! Apparently she's sticking close to home. She was hatched in the wild, mated but failed to hatch anything that year. So, congratulations #787 on your 5 strapping teenagers and your handsome mate.
For those of you who wonder why swans are getting tagged in the first place: large tags are visible to the general public, which means that busy-bodies like me get on-line, google "swan tagging ontario" and find reporting forms and help the researchers track their movements and activities. Nifty, eh? So if you see a tagged anything, and can read it, take some notes and report. Someone will thank you.

And more from the swan-guy. If you see trumpeter swans in Ontario, tagged or not, readable or not, they would very much like you to report your siting. They would like to know the location, date, the number of adult swans (white) and the number of signets (beige) or new babies, and the number of tagged (even unreadable tags) versus untagged. All of this information helps them gather information and estimate population expansion and range.
You can report or get more information at The Wye Marsh Centre.


Jennifer Rose said...

that is so interesting to know :D if the swan in Dover is a trumpeter swan than I am sure someone has reported it, everyone knows its there. I love that programs like this are set up so the general public can help wildlife :)

kaslkaos said...

You'd be surprised. The swan guy hadn't heard any other reports of 787, and everyone who lives on the lake must of seen them!
I'll be keeping notes, and sending back 1 report after freeze up, rather than making a report every time I see them. They seem to be enjoying the lake. Saw them again on Friday, and husband saw them at a pond on Saturday.


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