Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poseidon's Daughter WIP

Just a WIP today. This is a carving for a new ACEO and she's almost there. I've only inked her in red office stamping ink onto office paper, so I still need to ink her up in proper printers ink with a roller to see whether the carving is done or needs tweaking. The corners sticking out are register marks in case I want to do a second colour or image overlay (probably not, but leaving the option open). This is done with 'softoleum'-- I went shopping and now I know for certain. It is perfect for stamping and hand-pulled printing. The sketches are two of many that I abandoned altogether. Hoping nobody is offended by some minor female anatomy. I think not but you never know these days.


Cyd said...

I love the new print. And it's great to see the other sketches, too. I look forward to seeing the finished one.

p.s. I am half-way through my first ATC!

Chrissy said...

It is fab. I so enjoy these from you and they are always so inspirational....lovely work

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love that you shared the whole process of her metamophosis!

Jennifer Rose said...

Boobs!! sorry :p (couldn't resist being childish)

Love the little turtle, fish and frog :D The sketch on the left has a lot of movement to it, would look just as good as the one you carved.

kaslkaos said...

Cyd, you go girl! Can't wait to see them.
Chrissy, thanks so much!
Michelle, glad you liked it. I love seeing other peoples roughs so I'm sharing them.
Jennifer, it's okay. I was waiting for someone to mention the things. Has me thinking about attitudes towards nudity (I feel a new post coming on). Phew, and now I know the fish/frog and turtle are recognizable--wasn't sure.
I'll use the action girl if I can figure out what her hand is doing. Is she lobbing a rock at an intruder?

Jennifer Rose said...

do what a lot of fantasy artists do. Put a glowing orb in her hand. Seems to work :p

I have no problem with nudity in art or in person. Saying that, there are certain places nudity would not work. Walking around nude in the grocery store is probably going to get you kicked out :p

I don't think there is anything wrong with nudity (well thats not completely true I guess. There are a few nude things I think are horrible, but so do most of the population). I think the problem is that a lot of people associate nudity with sex, so nude art is scene as being obscene, when that is not always the case. Yes there is erotic art, but even that can be great art.

I have found that a lot of people that look at nude paintings that are either uncomfortable with the art, or they think that the piece should be burned, or cover the naked parts up are really uncomfortable with their won bodies. Its not always the case, but for the people I have known it is.

Yes the naked body can make some people uncomfortable, and art can do that even if the figures are clothed. If the naked body gets people thinking about art, whether for bad or good I am all right with that. Art is, in a lot of cases made to get a reaction out of someone. To make people think about what they are looking at. I just wish people wouldn't focus so much on the fact that there is a naked body, but focus on what the body is doing, how the body was made, the light, the colours, the shapes.

sorry this got a little rambly and long (and doesn't really make a lot of sense, I'm horrible at writing what I really mean. Hard to find the words sometimes)

Cat-in-a-Box said...

She is lovely! Frankly I'm sick of a world that has to either be offended by or objectify boobs - come on, half the world's population has them, (well, more than half.. but man-boobs don't count) - they're not that big a deal!

I assumed that was a big pearl in her hand! The flow is wonderful!

kaslkaos said...

Sorry I'm so slow in responding. Love the discussion on nudity Jennifer Rose. I just wish it wasn't hidden in the comments. Certainly deserving of a post of it's own.
Thanks Cat-in-the-box. Glad you like you her!

rosalie said...

pretty aesthetic and well-balanced lines of the motif.

i like it so much (and after checking out your etsy store i prefer a turqoise/green and blue or even darker print, which cause maybe can be found in my association to water).

i'm also going to dispute with crafting stamps and woodcutting if i'll find some time.

beautiful work :)

kaslkaos said...

Thank you Rosalie. Please do tell us when you get around to that. Or, I'll see it on your blog, right?


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