Thursday, January 1, 2009

Kaslkaos Art & Design (art for sale)

Next show date: September 11, 2010 where you will be able to see my work in person. I'll be bringing in my coloured pencil work, featuring York Regional Forest that I know and love, along with gelatin prints, framed and unframed, hand-printed linocut relief T-shirts, and some art cards.
Location: York Regional Forest, Hollidge Tract, 10am-2pm

At my facebook page, KaslkaosArt, you can also view my galleries the Inner Eye featuring my interpretive Mixed Media and Coloured Pencil art, and Human Studies, showcasing my figure drawings, costumed and nude.

My online shop resides at ETSY, where you can find a variety of works, originals and reproductions, hand-printed t-shirts, and original relief and planographic prints. Only a small percentage of my work is on etsy, so never hesitate to contact me about work you see on my blog or facebook page.

Please contact me via email (see image business card above) for inquiries about my art, art for sale, or just to say 'hi!'.


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