Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Family Day!

Hey, Hey!!! Guess what--It's Family Day in Ontario. Yippee! It's a holiday! Which means I'm not really here. I'm somewhere en-route between Parry Sound & Barrie Ontario, possibly stuck in traffic (but not likely, being winter) or eating donuts & drinking coffee, or both. I finally learned how to schedule posts. Nice trick, huh?
So posting another doodle diary, just to keep up the flow. Have fun peaking. The next two days will be very busy, as I have my part-time job to catch up with, so I won't really be back and blogging 'till Wednesday night or later (I'm usually very sleepy at night, so likely later).
Happy Family Day, with or without the day off. Give someone you love a hug.


Gloria Ives said...

I just wanted to tell you how beautiful your work is, really. It truly resonates with me, and sharing your perspective is a gift to us all. It inspires me to continue creating. I think the Etsy site is wonderful place to peruse, and dream, and a joyful celebration of the spirit of creativity--alive and well.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

The middle image is so right on with where my head has been at - no pun intended! You'll get a kick out of my post from today...

kaslkaos said...

Welcome to the blog Gloria and thanks for the visit. Communication through art is a wonderful thing.
Thanks Michelle. I have mixed feelings about posting my doodlediary as it's a little like cheating (too easy), and not the best presentation, but I want to share so here it is. Your post is lovely, and probably answers the question of why I post my doodles too.


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