Thursday, February 19, 2009

Life Drawing at Latcham Gallery

Here's last Tuesdays piece. It took me awhile but I decided she is finished. The model, once again, was absolutely wonderful. She did her best to chose interesting poses and I think this one may have been painful as she needed to do much stretching during breaks. The pillow was leaned up against a box that kept sliding away but she was determined to hold the pose for us. That could not have been comfortable or easy. I have a great deal of admiration for the models (and I think most artists do) and am grateful of the work that they do. While I've considered (yes I have) doing this myself, I know I couldn't a) take the pain nor be b)get over being embarrassed about my body, so I'll just have to celebrate what they do with my art. I wish I wasn't so darned shy, because the other artists don't leave without saying a personal thank you. I just smile and nod.

PS. Hope I haven't offended anybody with the very minor nudity. My censor guide is as follows: would I be embarrassed to be seen viewing this in the public library? I use library computers, so I know what it is like. All sorts of people of all ages walk by while I'm there. I still can't get over the guy who spent an hour looking at pin-up girls (they were dressed in bikinis). While there was nothing obscene about the pics, you would think he'd be just a little self-conscious??? I kept thinking, 'wow, this guy must be lonely!!!'

PPS. It seems I'm not the only artist struggling with the issue of the appropriateness of nudity. For a more serious and philosophical discussion of the subject check out Visioneer Windows take on the matter.

Image: 10" x 13" 90lb watercolour paper, acrylic gel medium, acrylic paint, pastel, pencil crayon. I prepared the page in advance, stretching the paper, and painting with a mix of gel medium and ochre & burnt umber paint. I sketched in brown pencil, and then finished with oil pastel.


Jennifer Rose said...

I really like this, well done! :D great colour and shapes
being a model for a life drawing class is on my 101 list, I think it is anyway, I might have taken it off, because I'm probably too chicken to do it lol Not really shy, just not 100% comfortable stripping down in front of strangers :p

Chrissy said...

Great work and as you say made possible by someone making avery effort to be a good subject. Not for me being a model either, I am by far too self consious and would be very uncomfortable. Strangely I don't think that has anything to do with the nudity though, I REALLY hate being the focus of attention in any case.

Audrey said...

Great piece!!! Why are so many women afraid to bare their bodies? We have a warped view of perfection, I suppose. I think the imperfect body has much more interest than the perfect one but I'm still not showing mine off.

Audrey said...

I revisited my previous comment and realize now that there is no such thing as a perfect body nor an imperfect body. There is only a body but I'm still not baring mine.

kaslkaos said...

Jen, I think the stripping down for strangers (respectful strangers) might be the easy part. It's the accidental meeting in the grocery store later that would freak me out. Cheers to you if you do get around to it. The other artists will be very grateful.
Thanks Chrissy. And yes, it would all eyes on you. Scary when put that way, eh?
Thanks Audrey. I draw nudes to increase my knowledge of anatomy, but by posting them here, it has turned into an examination of our own attitudes towards nudity and body image. It's great to hear your opinions.

Jenny said...

I like the picture. In my own mind, I know right away when nudity is a beautiful and appropriate artistic subject and when it is obscene, but it is hard to articulate that very definite difference.

Julie said...

This is beautiful! Your work is very nice.


I had to heart several of your items! Lovely work :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much, Jenny, Julie & Jatpurse (we have a real run on "J"s!!!). Glad you enjoyed it, and thank you so much for the hearts, Jatpurse. I love hearts.

jenlownie said...

I think your criteria is very appropriate (would you mind being watching over your shoulder at the library, etc). Of course art is subjective (so is "obscenity").

I'd definitely put your work in the "art" category - beautiful texture and movement.

Interesting that it's sometimes hard to decide when a piece is "done". As a (very) amateur artist I know that feeling!


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