Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Southern Exposure, Musselmans Lake

This is a view I won't get to see too often as it requires walking on the ice. I enjoy the change in perspective that the season gives me, and I chose this as my next image as it was something I wanted to hold and preserve in my mind. Also, I don't live 'on the lake' so I don't see the lakeshore facade up close as I can see it here. These people, the lucky ones, have the much coveted southern exposure, and even buried in snow in the depths of winter they are drenched in sunshine. I love the jumbled line of houses, sheds and retaining walls dancing up the hill. When I plotted this painting out in pencil, it reminded me of a musical score, all the little lines being the notes on the page, and I realized that was exactly why the scene appealed to me.

Image: 11 1/2" x 6" 140lb watercolour paper, watercolours. This one drove me nuts. I enjoyed painting the foreground snow & the background sky, being both wet washes. Thereafter, it was pure torture. I hate details, really hate them. After much picking at, and staring out the window, and blatant procrastination, it was finally declared complete. The dark shadow on the far right is from my scanner, as the paper is too big and a shadow was cast somehow.

Plus More Doodle Diary!!!
PS. As usual, click on image to see the detail & the writing. I'll leave any interpretations up to you the reader.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

Ingrid - you draw so well with your brush - implying detail with simple strokes... well done!

The Empty Envelope said...

Very lovely! I love the overall tone of it!

Jennifer Rose said...

that is a wonderful piece :D great shapes and colours :D

I would love to live right on the lake, but failing that live where dad is, a couple minutes walk. Some of the houses down there are starting to loose a bit of their front yards and are probably pretty wrecked from when the dam broke, but the area should be finished getting cleaned up now. I know hubby and I would spend all of our free time either with the dog down at the lake or on a boat. him fishing and me swimming. He went out on the ice, but I just can't get up the courage to even if people tell me its a foot thick or more in places. I don't care if you can get a huge truck on the ice my mind just can't stop thinking there is a lot of water below me (oops another nonsense comment :p)

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, glad you liked it; I do strive for the 'kiss' principle; only to put in what is needed and no more--sometimes easier said than done. Nothing like practice!
Empty Envelope, thanks so much for compliments, makes my day.
Jennifer, love your stories. I hope people read the comments so they get to read your Canada anecdote. Your dads place sounds like my place? I love being on the ice, but next time, I'll be thinking of 'all that water' under there.

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah it does sound a lot like your place. if the ice wouldn't break for the firemen I wouldn't worry too much about the water ;)


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