Thursday, February 26, 2009

Your Absence has been Noted

I never realized how much identity can be wrapped up in a dog until I found myself walking the woods without one. My eldest dog is to frail at sixteen(more or less, we don't know) to accompany me on a 5K ski run, so Dynamo, my six (or is that seven) year old german shepherd runs alongside instead. Normally lithe & lively, charging madly after squirrels and leaping at the sky to snatch frisbees from the air, she's pulled up lame this week. I don't know why but I am worried. For now, it's leashed walks only and a wait and see approach. If a few days of rest clears things up, Yay! If not, x-rays and bad news is likely.
For a few days longer, I'll be skiing (or walking as the case may be) alone. Her absence has been noted. I thought, since I would no longer be occupied with minding the dog, that I would have more time to think, creatively, hopefully. Instead, my mind fell into those continuous loops of monotonous repetitive thoughts so utterly banal in nature that I cannot even remember them. It seemed that, without a dog to watch for, call for, laugh at, or talk to, I forgot entirely to look up and out and around me and fell instead into my own head, which is not so roomy as I would like to think.
Cats are lovely and grace our home and hearth, but dogs are our public persona, walking at our side, companions of the trail. I didn't realize, though, how much the distraction they provide can refresh the mind.

Image: 9"x11 1/2" 140lb watercolour paper, india ink, watercolour. This image was a doodle diary panel last night, and in some days you'll see that version, but I felt compelled to expand on it, and work on the piece you see here.


Michelle (artscapes) said...

I can fall into my head on a long walk as well. I hope Dynamo only needs a rest!

Jennifer Rose said...

I miss my dog :( they play such a huge part in our lives that when they are not around we wonder what we did before we got them.

is it her front or back legs? does she still have her dew claws? (if so check for cracks or breaks in them) paw pads cut/swollen? Inside of the pawpads between the toes cut or irritated? Broken claw? if its any of them its easily fixable. hopefully its not a break, fixable too but more to deal with. could just be a pulled ligament or twisted foot like with humans. hopefully resting will clear it up :)

When my Bouv would come up lame it was usually because he had gotten burrs in between his toes and they had scratch up his foot. Always had to shave his toes to try to stop it from happening, but with paws as big as my fist and really hairy it was hard sometimes. Dad's dalmatian had broken a few toes and after seeing a vet they were fine. Vet said to just rest him (really hard for a dog that would run after anything :/)

kaslkaos said...

Falling into your head is not so bad if the thoughts are sublime and inspired.
Called the vet, and more rest is recommended, no leashed walks either and wait and see. May be a pulled muscle, hoping that's it; it is getting better.
Her paws are fine, checked that, but thanks for the advice. I should be happy, having two dogs. Poor Dynamo can't figure out what she did wrong as in 'why can't I go out with you?' And, 'you smell like forest but you didn't take me!!!' Smart cookie, she knows what she's missing. Now she's found a renewed interest in her dusty toys & she's eyeballing every living thing in the house.

Jennifer Rose said...

glad she is getting better :) (sorry if you get this twice, blogger is being funny)


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