Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beginnings--Skating Party WIP

Actually, the very beginning of 'skating party' is the little doodle diary sketch I did on Family Day weekend, or, to be even more precise, it was that moment out on the ice when I realized I was experiencing something utterly astounding. I'm not sure how other artists work, if composition and technique or originality and experimentation come foremost in their minds, but for me, it is the moment itself, the actual experience out there in the real world, or behind my eyes in my mind, that spurs me on and guides the hand. The other elements are incredibly important, and absolutely necessary to facilitate communication with you out there, but they will be always be secondary to what is going on inside of me. That is why Violet Hour contains a dog, incongruous and strange as it may seem, and that is why I've obsessively struggled with skating images during the past few weeks. I just feel compelled to tell my stories however crude or banal they may seem to others.
So today, you get to peak at beginnings.

This is my studio (actually, livingroom window) table with my coloured pencil version geared up and ready to go. It's in the early stages, and I'm surrounded by nice juicy photos of the real thing. I also have a little 2.5 x 3.5 version to look at. It's a real struggle to pull this all together, as no single picture says what I want to say. I wish I had more images of skaters in action, but instead I'm making things up as I go along.

This is my watercolour version after five washes. Two washes in cadmium yellow, as I was too timid to put the colour in strong enough on the first pass. Two washes in cadmium red (twice for the same reason, see how important technique is, eh?). Then let dry, and paint in the figure in red. Then let dry, and wash in the reflection. After that, paint in a resist on the figures hairline to preserve some highlights, have coffee, & work on something else entirely while that dries. Yawn. This is why I hate watercolour. Sometimes I get impatient and attack with blow dryer. What I like about watercolour, is, if you can tear yourself away between washes and find something better to do, it's a relatively fast process, and I'm hoping in time I can be more spontaneous once I have some technique under control.


Jennifer Rose said...

very nice watercolour :D I have the same problem with watercolour. dries too slow for me and I have such a hard time knowing how much to put down.

I try to be original when drawing fantasy, hard to do if I'm using photos, but after that I try to experiment when I can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I try to capture the feeling I had at certain times with certain pieces, but I do have problems with getting what I was feeling to show up in a piece. Not sure why, something I need to work on.

It doesn't really matter in the long run what other people feel about a piece of art that you do, if it shows one feeling to you or expresses how you felt, it doesn't matter if its crude or banal to others if the finished piece tells yourself and shows yourself what you were feeling or thinking at the time. (hope that makes sense). yes artists want people to feel something when they see their art, but often its not what the artist had in mind (which doesn't make it right or wrong)jeeze this comment doesn't make sense to even me lol

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jenn, I'll get the finished ones posted soon. Now that I'm done I'm sick of skating pictures!
As for capturing the feeling, I think it's the pursuit that makes you an an artist, and we just keep on banging away, don't we? I always find it a struggle, almost. There are moments, and then it slips away like a dream.
Love your long comments!

Shea said...

I am following you annonymously now, if you don't mind,
going to add you to my fuel friends too, you have a pretty cool blog here, I'll come back later and check it out

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Shea, I really appreciate it very much. I like your writing blog, and I can't wait to check out the rest (I'm on dial-up so these things take time).


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