Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How the Great Squirrel Taught Dynamo Patience

How the Great Squirrel Taught Dynamo Patience: words and pictures by Ingrid in collaboration with Dynamo the Dog.

Finally finished my first piece of digital art. It occupied far too much of my time, compared to output (banging my head against the computer for two weeks vs a single page of graphic art). That said, I actually feel I know my way around Arcsoft Photostudio pretty well. I no longer pine for ownership of Adobe Illustrator (okay, I still do, but not so badly now) as the software I have seems to be doing what I need it to do. While I'll go back to this sort of thing (this page was supposed to be part of a five page story "How Dynamo Came to Worship the Great Squirrel") I really badly need a break so I'll get back to some linocuts next.

PS. Just got an amazing Fantasy Reference book today 'Fantasy Figure Artists Reference File'. You can read the review at The Future is a Trilogy (blog mostly written by Cyd, but I manage to chime in once in a while). If you do fantasy art of any kind, I highly recommend it.


Chrissy said...

It looks fabulous but spending two weeks on a piece of art would drive me insane! it is also completely beyond my knowledge, in that I have only ever played with photoshop to manipulate phtotogrphs, somobody told me recently that I should get myself a tablet and have a go.....I have much less patience than you, I think I will stick to what I know. Well done you for pushing the boundaries!

Jennifer Rose said...

the page layout is great :D works well to tell a story

I have a tablet but hardly use it :/ handy for some things but I find holding the pen awkward

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy & Jenn. The 2 weeks was mostly about a crash course in do-it-yourself photoshop so in hind-sight it took me two weeks to learn new concepts (graphic storytelling) and photoshop editing. Not a bad investment in time. I only have a mouse, no tablet, but it's fine. The drawings were inked on office paper, scanned & inserted. I never completed this post as I got worried about computer viruses and logged off quick. I'll add some how-to stuff later, maybe.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Excellent job.... You deserve a tablet!
Two weeks is not an uncommon length of time for me on a single work!

kaslkaos said...

First, I need a new computer (hoping for a laptop) and highspeed connection! Actually, first, I need a new washer and dryer as our current ones are ancient, unreliable, prone to flooding, rocking, and stuttering.
Erg,...needs vs wants.
But thanks for liking Michelle. Your work looks like it takes two weeks and that's fast (size and medium).


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