Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sketch Day at the Zoo

I suppose you were expecting animals, and I did those too. Some zebras at a distance, an otter, and wolves, but the humans were the most compelling creatures of the day. It was March Break when families migrate to big public spaces and mill about in vast flocks. How could I not be fascinated?. I wandered about with my pencil in pocket and sketchbook dangling about my neck from a shoestring. When I sketched, I'm sure the assumption was that I was there to see the animals, which left my real subjects unaware of my gaze. I've always been too self-conscious to sketch people in public (I've tried) so this was refreshing. That said, this was no life drawing session where models kindly hold poses from 1 minute to 20 minutes in length. I was lucky, very lucky, to get more than an eye-blink of time. That said, it was great practice at gesture drawing and it left me with far more than my usual appreciation of the human animal. Occasionally, a human would walk by and realize what I was actually up to, and at this we would share a conspiratorial wink, in on the joke. In this case, it was the humans on display.

Images: Zoo sketch, Little Canadian Sketchbook, 5" x 7" (spiral binding holds shoestring!), graphite. At home, I inked it with my pentel pocket brush (still pointy!) and sketched in some colour with pencil crayon. Below, pencil crayon drawing on Canson Mi-Teintes 9" x 12" paper. This was done at home, based on a two-minute sketch done at a life drawing session. Unfortunately, I never got to the hands, so my @home drawing of hands was pure guesswork and involved plenty of eraser. It was a very nice pose, though, (thank you, Francis) and I'm glad I worked it up to a finished piece.


The Empty Envelope said...

Nice!! People watching is one of my favorite hobbies. Though usually I'm watching my 8 and 6 year olds. Hehe.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, people watching can be lots of fun, especially this time of year when the woods and weather is blah. I guess you have your hands full with your own little people!

Chrissy said...

That is so funny, in school they used to give us still life, I hated still life with a passion and always drew the people doing the drawing instead. I could imagine you would have had fun and very daring to be out maing art in such a public place! ;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

very nice sketching :) you are brave for going to the zoo during march break! :p

your life drawing piece is great :) very nice sense of movement to it and lovely definition of his muscles.

kaslkaos said...

Chrissy, obviously, you knew where the action was. I like the idea of you drawing people while the people draw fruit. That's funny.
As for daring, I was wearing dark glasses and a person with a sketchbook simply can't compete with a Live Walking Hyena Just Like In Lion King--Look! ;-) (in other words, nobody noticed me)
Hi Jennifer; I liked his muscles too! It's fun to draw things we like. And thanks. It was not so brave to go during March break, just stupid (I didn't realize quite how crowded it could be). Though, while waiting in line I got to practice sketching crowd scenes...


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