Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vernal Interlude

Everyone loves spring, almost. I hate spring. I don't mean the whole of spring, I just mean now--Mud Season. It's a time of year when all that was vile and frozen thaws and wafts its rotten scent through the atmosphere. The crisp ultramarine and white of the frozen landscape is gone but all that is lovely still lies sleeping below. Trails are slick with grey speckled treacherous ice and black sucking muck. Grasses, sodden and flattened, are brown and all but obscured by sooty mold. Here now, I find a treasure in my garden, planted long ago, they thrive my neglect, jewelled heads thrusting forth through the muck and detritus of a year gone by, while the snow melt in the forest leaves intriguing geometries.

Images: sorry, just plain old photography this time. I'm still fighting with my crash course on do-it-yourself learn to photoshop with a look-a-like program. Had fun creating a Mom's Day card from a doodle and digitally altered photo (see sidebar, the multi-coloured background began as a photo of rotten snow). And finding fantastic patterns appearing on the trails (3rd photo). The crocus are called 'snow' or 'species' and are tiny and very hardy, in case you're thinking of adding them to your garden, that's what you ask for. The bees are intensely happy to have found such a bounty in a grey landscape.

PS. Four mice down, umpteen to go. Using the old-fashioned snap traps, which are mean, but at least quick.


Jennifer Rose said...

The only thing I like about spring is the flowers that only come up this time of year :p Because we were not here last spring we are finding what was planted previously and where.

at least you are not using those glue traps, I hate those things :/

rosalie said...

i've loved the crocus explosion this spring (especially as this winter was a bit too hard for my soul and mood..)-

it does so good to feel the awakening :)

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer-so another spring hater out of the closet? I thought I was the only one. And those glue traps are just plain evil and equal to torturing a mouse to death.
Rosalie, yes, much as I grump about the mud and the rain, I do feel the 'awakening' deep in the soul. Yesterday, I knelt face first into the crocus watching the bees and then sniffing the blossoms.

Margaret said...

Aw I love Spring, but I still play in the mud with my kids from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Spring!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I love Spring... because it promises of green.


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