Saturday, April 4, 2009

Endangered Innocence

Unicorns, the ubiquitous territory of little girls, and girlish women, myself included. What then the fascination? Is it a stale trope, or an enduring symbol? I always loved horses (until I worked at a thoroughbred farm for four years, but that's another story) and dreamed about them. I went to bed drumming my fingers across the pillow to fall asleep to the rhythm of galloping hooves. I have white unicorn figurines (made in China) adorning my basement bathroom, remnants of childhood unbroken. But is that all it is, a pretty horse mixed with empty wishes? Does trite fantasy compel me or is there something more.
In medieval times, the unicorn symbolized innocence, but it was also a creature of unfettered spirit, wild and impossible to tame except in the lap of a genuine virgin. Indeed, virgins were used to lull them into stupor, wherein hunters could take advantage to capture and kill the magical beast. From a 21st century point of view, this act is impossible to comprehend. How could anyone wish to capture and kill a thing of such wonder and beauty? And yet, in the wake of civilization, we have left a litany of very real extinctions of beasts every bit as wondrous as the mythical unicorn. The unicorn, for me, is a symbol of all that is lost in our world. Lost creatures and lost mysteries as the rigors of science and logic leave little room for belief in the fantastic. This is my tribute to a world that is gone, where passenger pigeons darkened the sky and it was easy to believe in dragons.
Some amazing, but extinct beasts here.

Image: linocut using softoleum, ACEO 2.5" x 3.5" on bristol, watercoloured background, hand-pulled print, available at etsy.

PS. Fellow bloggers, need your help here. I finished (well, I'll still be tweeking) a static 'sales' page which I won't bother you with, but now have moved on to a more, erm, casual page for people who just want to say hi (well, I hope you want to say hi). I called it Casual Connections, but that doesn't sound right? Anything else? It's just a page for where to find me on the web for chitter and chatter, and other silly things. Since I had to eliminate comments for technical reasons (this allows the page to appear without the post date) just plop them here, or twitter, or whatever. Suggestions welcome. Everything is still a work in progress.
And if anyone else wants to know how to build static pages in blogger, here are the instructions I used--it worked!


Jennifer Rose said...

i was more interested in dragons as a kid. I did think unicorns were real and once tried to set a trap to catch one to make it a pet :p I hate reading about extinct animals, extinction caused by man hunting,pollution or just plan stupidity. Its different when an animal become extinct because of evolution or lack of evolution, I consider that an act of nature. I would have loved to have seen a dodo or a Tasmanian Tiger. I have had arguments with people that do not see animals as mattering :/ told them that everything is connected. if one animal dies out, lots of other animals that depend on that animal will suffer too and it goes on and on down the chain until it very well might get to humans.

I don't understand either why people feel the need to kill animals that they are not going to eat (no problem with killing animals for meat and a few other products. I wish those animals were treated better for the time they are alive, but some people think of money before the well fare of the animals :/ ) Seeing a live elephant or rhino, seeing the power behind the animal. how they act and live, interact with each other and other animals I think is more important then having a piece of the hide on the wall. ~Some trinket made from the animal will never capture the animals spirit.

The static page looks good. easy to read and very clear :) I think the title works well. says exactly what happens on the page

kaslkaos said...

Another 'supplementary' post. You have so much that is interesting to say here; you'll get no argument from me. I agree on all. I can always count on you to fill in whatever I forgot to say. ;-) (and you do know I'm not being sarcastic, right?)
PS. thanks for the thumbs up on the static page, just wasn't sure if I was communicating well. In the real world, I'm not good at that so I'm not sure here either.

Jennifer Rose said...

I knew you were not being sarcastic :) I really need to learn how not to ramble in comments tho lol

Michelle (artscapes) said...

We are a short sighted species. The few who recognize the value in beauty, imagination and the creatures that inhabit our world, suffer as much at the hands of the indifferent.

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, here, I'm always pleased when you ramble.
Michelle, you are right, of course. But you would think that we as a species would put our collectively big brain to work at solving a few dilemmas rather than building better gadgets ultimately destined to become landfill--me saying this as I use just one of those gadgets.

Jenny said...

I looked at the static page, and I think it and the title are both fine! You certainly are plugged into the network---way ahead of me in your internet savvy. Trivia for the day: "network" used to refer only to constructions of thread or cord or rope. Around the time that telegraph wires were being strung up everywhere, people referred to all those wires as "a kind of net-work."

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jenny. Love the trivia. And thanks for looking at the page. I'm still cursing dial-up though. I hate staring at blank screens.


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