Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We should always make the most of our Holidays. Friday was a statutory holiday (across Canada) and it seemed like everybody was outside walking around the block, face up to the sun, breathing in the air. I was exploring the East Don Parklands with my brother and my husband for company. We planted a letterbox and watched birds. A male cardinal sang from a perch on a black wire while his mate sipped from a puddle below. A girl on a swing made the swing set screech, but my brother said it sounded like music--and indeed, when I really listened, I realized it had a pleasant pitch and timbre, and cast a fluting melody across the day. Enjoy your moments as they come.

Image: hand-painted easter eggs. I haven't done this in a very long time. Some traditions should never die.

PS. What are your spring holiday traditions?


Jennifer Rose said...

I haven't painted eggs for years. those are really colourful :D

I don't think I have any spring holiday traditions....nope can't think of any.

kaslkaos said...

And now they look to nice to eat. I'll crack one open tomorrow.
Paint some eggs next year, and you will revive a tradition. Maybe gardening and chasing children is a tradition (yes, I do read your tweets).

Chrissy said...

I did buy some hot cross buns and eat them toasted with butter :-D
Great eggs, I have never painted eggs in my life! I feel like I have had a deprived childhood now! hahaha

kaslkaos said...

Never to late to start, Chrissy. There's always next year.
I ate my eggs. Almost photographed the shells, but they are in the compost now.


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