Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gazeboing & Other Good Verbs

This is a little off the cuff (I should be painting, well, always) but I haven't blogged for a while and feeling a bit lost and lonely for all that.
I was visiting friends for the weekend, up on the Magnetawan River, chilly weather and hungry bugs kept us indoors when we weren't out walking. While the conversations are fantastic, I always bring a little something to do. This time I brought my Inktense pencil and a bunch of pre-cut ACEO cards. Lucky me, as we spent much time in their handbuilt gazebo on a rock peninsula. Ah, the luxuries that clever frugal people can come up with. The gazebo was completely built of surplus lumber, and windows found in the local dump. On a sunny day, it warms itself, and we lounge on foam padded benches, the four of us sprawled across the furniture and each other like sleeping cats, & sleep does happen under these idyllic circumstances. Somehow I managed to keep awake and produce this image as the sun painted the west behind the screen of wind-warped sapling. I felt so neo-Victorian, discussing literature & philosophy with friends, lounging like time itself comes in unlimited quantities and sketching delicately with my pencils. I mentioned this, but was told I would have needed a white billowing multi-buttoned blouse and voluminous skirts. These items were not packed in my duffel bag.
In contrast, these people who practically live off the grid (they have electricity, but no plumbing, road access or home phone) do now own 2 laptop computers and access the internet instantly via Rogers Rocket Stick (portable internet). There is something bizarrely futuristic about surfing the net under such primitive conditions.

Now, feeling a little more connected, back to what I should be doing.

Image: 2.5 x 3.5 bristol, Inktense Pencils, colourless blender. Looks like the kit plus colourless blender is a perfect travelling companion, giving options to do watercolour, pencil crayon or a combination of both.

PPS. My Coloured Pencil project is finished, but I need a softly overcast day to get a decent photo of it as it's way to big to scan, and too burnished for flash photography.


Jennifer Rose said...

dad's neighbours have fast net through the same thing it costs a fortune compared to living in town :/

I love gazebos like that :D Can spend hours in them. At the old farm house I lived in there was one in the back that was bigger then my room lol Spent many days sitting there watching the hummingbirds fly around (and hoping they didn't get in through the screen because I had no idea how I would get them out :p)

love the colours on your card, looks like the tree is on fire :)

Cat-in-a-Box said...

It sounds idylllic! I love the angle of perspective on your tree!

kaslkaos said...

Hi Jennifer, the rocket stick is actually same as cable here, if you can limit your surfacing (you pay by megabytes of use).
Gazebos are wonderful indoor outdoor spaces. I'd be more worried about the mosquitoes getting in--those things can be crazy.
Hi Cat-in-a-Box. Ha, it was idyllic, like time stops. Actually, not that I'm was trying to achieve a literal rendition of reality, but the tree really did tilt at that angle. Windy point.

Jennifer Rose said...

we had mosquito netting on all of the windows ;) need to get a gazebo when we get our own house here, no mosquitos :D but you do have midges which can be just as bad :/

I think I've been spoiled now by the high speed net I can get here, would die if I had to go back to dial up lol ;)

kaslkaos said...

Dial up feels a little like feeling my way around the net with my hands out in front of my face, vs actually walking around with my eyes open. Oh well, I'll make do as my dial-up is so gosh darned cheap ($90/year, now thats cheap).

Jennifer Rose said...

0.o that is really cheap! it was costing us that every 3 months for dial up at dads place

kaslkaos said...

Okay, I know it's a bit weird to be using my own blog comments for conversations, but oh heck, I happen to be on-line, working on my next post, and your reply pops up in my in-box so what the heck.
Yep, at $90 bucks it's really hard to make the leap to high-speed. It's kind of like feeding the stray cat (I'm the cat). Catfood may be overprocessed and bland and boring, but it sure beats catching every scrap and morsel on the fly. I'm on something called torontofreenet. Not quite free, but non-profit.


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