Saturday, May 9, 2009

Trillium Erectum

That is the proper name; this flower has many common names. I always called it the red, but I imagine its botanical name refers to its tall and stately pose. This image was a victim of overzealous lifting with tape. I tried to lighten up some areas when I lifted a layer of paper right off. In hindsight, I should have glued the torn piece down but the incident caught me by surprise. On the other hand, I am now looking forward to a redo, as I really like this image, but I was experimenting with Inktense watersolubles and Prismacolors and while I was at it, I began to wonder how things would go if I would start with a soft underpainting in watercolour and finish with the coloured pencils. Mistakes are not so bad and this one may well end up on my wall.


Jennifer Rose said...

very nice :D love the thick outlines, really goes well with the flower colour.

too bad about the tear :( but this deserves to hung somewhere as it is so pretty :)

kaslkaos said...

I'll try to disguise the tear with some careful painting daubing...and thanks. New paper is stretching as I write--I'll be using watercolours as a background next time around.

Chrissy said...

It is lovely. I am very bad at hanging things on my walls and only have a couple of my own pieces of work. I don't have any coloured pencil at all.I made a pact with myself that I would actually do some pieces for myself while I was on holiday. So how much of your own work do you have on your walls? I think it would make an interesting artist question!

Jenny said...

Trilliums, trilliums! Wonderful! The yellow one in your previous post is one that I have never seen. Quite different from the yellow one in the Smokies, which has mottled leaves (as if it is echoing the trout lily.) This proud red trillium that you've drawn makes a striking composition, very sharply defined in its shapes.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy, I'm working on the redo now. I only have one painting on my wall, it was a gift to my dad long ago, framed by my mom, and now inherited back. I haven't forked out money for framing anything. At my pt job, I paste some 'cool dude' manga ink sketches on the wall to remind me of who I (artist?). Then I have some aceo's, not mine, that I traded for (yours & Michelles on the mantlepiece). That's it. The 1st pieces I'll frame while be to enter shows, an expensive proposition I'm avoiding for now (I don't buy lottery tickets either). Long answer, huh? It is a good question.
Jenny, I took that yellow pic for you, thinking of your trilliums post. I've never seen the mottled true yellow trillium that you have (its a western variety). My yellow is a red with a new coat on. Thanks for calling the trilliums in the pic proud. Trilliums always striking me as 'strong' flowers, unusual as most seem delicate to me. I was hoping to capture that aspect.


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