Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Seriously Distracted


I’m a little distracted of late: new hardware is always an exciting event for a girl.  Husband kindly purchased for me a brand new laptop computer.  Wow.  I’ve been pining for one of these since they were first invented; they always seemed like some expensive luxury but my old computer was getting, um, long in the tooth.  Lets just say that it originally ran Windows 98, and Pentium III is the operating system.  I had no idea what sort of handicap I was labouring under until I received my new toy.  Now I know the old beast is truly a dinosaur in need of retirement. 

So I’ve been distracted of late.  It is such a thrill to be able to cart this font of knowledge wherever I please, including the library, or, as now, the front (and only) deck. A white-breasted nuthatch just skittered across to railing to access the suet feeder. I am trying some new programs from the vast collection of "open source" software, which means free to copy, distribute and build upon. I am using OpenOffice Writer to write this letter, for instance. I also have an image program called GIMP, which may sound rather funny, but stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, which stills sounds funny. It is no surprise that the spell checker actually recognizes these terms. A real bonus, is that it corrects for English Canada, which means "colour" raises no red flag. All of these programs were downloaded via Wi-Fi—which is way cool.  Hey, I’ve been lost in the dark ages, allow me some enthusiasm.

All of this, of course, is keeping me busy, and some of it is frustrating. Not everything works right the first time around--it is a learning process. And I haven't even begun the process of migrating information from one computer to another.

While I am excited to own this new toy, I must admit, the more valuable the item, the greater the fear of its loss. On Saturday night, Lennier made his usual rounds, which normally ends with a leap into my lap. Of course I tried to block him, but my hand flew out too late, or shouldn't have flown at all. Lennier, one determined kitty, saw the block coming, and leapt with great determination, claws unsheathed for maximum grab. He hooked, and removed the 'enter' key. I can't say I was quiet about it. In fact, I screeched, not once, but several times, including "help" and a few words beginning with 'f'. Randy, who I'm sure would have preferred to watch the hockey game undisturbed, did come up to help, but he was 'all thumbs' and the 'enter' key remained detached until I reached a level of frustration (and anger) that allowed me to jam the key into place, at which, with an audible snap, it returned to its proper and functioning position.

Jennifer Rose kindly sent me an Xubuntu LiveCd which may give my old beast (the Pentium) so that’s more toys to play with.  It will take awhile to get around them all.

So if you managed to get this far, some pics.


Marsh Marigold


Snapping Turtle

Both photos from the North Magnetawan.

Top photo is a close-up of my workspace lamp, my mascot (brave knight rescued from the dumpster) and beheaded lily-of-the-valley from my garden.

Ps.  This post is also a test of Windows Live Writer, that allows me to write my blog off line.


Jennifer Rose said...

new toys are always great fun :D gimp is an all right program to use, does most things that photoshop can do and works really just as well. (bit of a learning curve with it as something are in different places then photoshop)

if the enter key comes off again and the laptop has a warranty and you can't get it back on try seeing if it can be replaced under the warranty.

looks like a big turtle o.0 my dad and uncle came across one by Long Point. Stupidly my uncle picked it up to try to move it across the road but at least he didn't get bit (it was huge tho:/ going to have to see if I can find a picture of it)

Chrissy said...

Hi Ingrid, I always find new toys are great for absorbing great chasms of time! I found that out with my camera! Seems like you are giving some software a good go, I am not adventuresome enough. I often cannot face working with something new, all my time is currently spent getting to grips with photoshop.
I do hope your "enter" button stays in place ;)
Oh and ...enjoy, its nice to have new toys

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I got my first laptop in April. A MacBook Pro. I have had to type on a low and uncomfortable table because the cat hates its surface and will therefore not jump on it! It sure was great for PEI. I was able to post while on the RV and store nearly 9 Gigs of photos!

Love the turtle!

kaslkaos said...

Hi Jennifer, yep, having fun. Remember 'sketching in bed'? Now I'm typing in bed--nice. The 'enter' key is good as new, but I'm now terrified of friendly cats.
How many fingers does your uncle have now? I love these turtles but have a healthy respect for their teeth. My dad once persuaded a large snapper to cross the road with a very large stick. It leapt off all fours to bite that stick. I'm glad uncles and dads are there to fascilitate successfull road crossings.
Chrissy, thanks for stopping by. Sometimes its prudent to stick with what you know. Learning new things takes up time, we can save it for art, right?
Hmmm...Michelle, am I tempting fate, re: cats? Your solution sounds like a good one, but I like my comforts. We just need to learn feline block and tackle.
We all love turtles; I thought it cute, but kept fingers at a great distance.


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