Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Trillium Redux


I write this as my cats do battle with the laptop competing for lap space.  This time, the laptop won, but the coffee table is drenched in freshly spilled juice from a well-placed cat tackle manoeuvre.  Messy as the result may be, it is a better outcome than the alternative (cat-bombed computer). 

While I am still seriously distracted, and not nearly done migrating files and hardware to my new computer, I’m trying to squeak out a new blog post.  Both images were photographed, not scanned, so there may be some distortions.

Top picture is trillium grandiflorum or white trillium.  This began as a watercolour but I couldn’t resist using pencils on it.  The paper, unfortunately had a soft texture and the pencils applied were dull and lackluster.  I fought with this for the better part of the day before getting ready to trash it.  While this stage feels awful, it is often the point of discovery.  In this case, I decided it couldn’t get worse so I tried layering over with acrylic gel medium.  It dried in an invisible layer while adding tooth to the paper; finally my pencil colours could shine, and with multiple layers I could build up the usual multihued darks.  A nightmare at the beginning, I rather enjoyed finishing it and I’m looking forward to trying this technique again.

Below is the redo of the trillium erectum or red trillium.  It’s a mixed media watercolour, watersoluble pencil (Inktense), and coloured pencil.  Approximately 6” x 12” on watercolour paper.




Jennifer Rose said...

I love the lines in the top one :D I actually thought it was all done in paint. :) thanks for the gel medium tip, might have to use it next time I have problems with paper.

glad to see that you did end up redoing the red trillium :) looks lovely

kaslkaos said...

Hey thanks! Sorry it took me so long to answer; still moving in to the new computer. Scanner seems to be the sticking point, but all else good. Nice to be able to blog out here on the deck by the fountain--way cool.
The gel medium was fun, better to use because you want to, than to just fix a bad situation. There's a possibility of multiple glazed layers.

Chrissy said...

Ooh, I like the bottom one...very stunning colours. It is gorgeous :D

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy!


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