Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Sometime the world outside forces a change in topic.  There was no question of which event would hit this blog next.

Last night, I sat down to an ordinary dinner on an ordinary day, supper parked on my lap, television on (and yes, now you know one of our crass habits).  While a ‘suspicious fire’ in Mississauga headed the news, we heard sirens.  We live on a through street, so this is not unusual.  They did stop rather abruptly, and flashing lights penetrated our curtains.  Hmmm…well dinner is best eaten hot, so we continued.  Dog looked to us for guidance, ‘shall I bark?’.  I think not; we were comfortable.  When the neighbours dogs began to bay, we shifted in our chairs; when the chorus was answered by neighbours neighbours dogs, we looked, one to another, ‘maybe something’s going on???’

Here is what we saw out our front window.

fire 002 

And if we looked up the street (south), this is what we saw.

fire 004

And to the north of our lot.

fire 018

And here’s what was going on.

fire 007

It was a vacant house two doors down from us.  It had already been gutted in a slow process of demolition and restoration.  The fire, I suppose, hastened the process in a rather alarming way.  Quick response from the fire department saved our neighbours house from all damage, and the fire was kept contained within the empty house.

My own reaction, I’m ashamed to admit, was mostly excitement.  Somewhere, there should have been a tear of sympathy, but I’m not one to shed crocodile tears, and the fact was I enjoyed the spectacle which probably makes me a terrible human being, and now I know and so do you.  It’s true, you never know how you will really react until it happens. 

I can’t say I was the only one gawking either, as I got to say hi and mingle with all of my neighbours.  The atmosphere was 100% garden party, and as I’m such a recluse this was a refreshing change.  They didn’t seem too upset either, and I’m not even including the dog walkers that settled in to watch from the field across the street.

When I finally peeled my eyes away from the spectacle, I saw that my own little house was bathed in the light of a rainbow.

fire 017

Happy Canada Day.

And kudos to Stouffville’s Finest – volunteer fire department for doing an excellent job!


Jennifer Rose said...

Happy Canada Day! :D

exciting lol dangerous but exciting :)

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I hate to see a fire in any house - but far more in one that is lived in...

Hope you had a great Canada Day!


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