Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Man and His Dog


Another image of Cranberry Bog Trail, Killarney Provincial Park, with liberal interpretive changes.  I’m not much into copying photographs, even my own, but they come in handy for reference.  In this case, however, the photo had pretty much all the info I wanted to work with.   I was fascinated by the disconnect in the gaze between man and dog.  In the photo, man (my husband, of course) was looking at the dog, but the dog (Dynamo) had her watchful eye on the back trail.  It had me thinking how man and dog, or any two creatures (even man and woman) can inhabit the same physical space and yet be worlds apart. 

While we gaze at the scenery, enjoying the fine ‘view’, the dog lives in a world of predator and prey, where at any given moment, she could fall into either category; on the trail it is her continual duty to figure out where she stands.  This brings to mind long walks in the woods with my father where we would share equal admiration for the scenery, but while I would be admiring the beauty of trees, he would be assessing the timber yields.  Looking out onto a blue lake in summer, I’m wondering if it has deep clear water for swimming;dad would have been hoping for leeches and weeds, in return for good fishing.  Now my husband is the man of my life, and we seem to agree on a lot of things, watch the same sunsets, walk the same trails, but how he sees the world, I will never really know.

And so, here we are, always alone in the universe, attempting to make contact.  Is this what drives the artist?

Image: 8.5” x 11” watercolour


Jennifer Rose said...

simple answer, probably. and I think that if we did actually know how other people see the world, life would be boring :p

Chrissy said...

Nice capture of the moment. It looks very tranquil unless you happen to be a dog ;)
I was fascinated with your paper experiments, very industrious you are.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

I think that art is a way of opening that door a crack - into the world of another.

I love the painting....

kaslkaos said...

Better late than never, sorry so long to reply; its summer (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with that)
I'm not sure, if we knew what everone thought if it would be boring or appalling. Much of my time is spent thinking about dinner, and most of the remainder is silent gripes and grumbles...
Thanks Chrissy, & yes, my dog is always a little edgy 'out there'.
Thanks Michelle. And yes, I love most to see artwork that 'let's me in', even if just for a glimpse.

Jennifer Rose said...

but then people would know what you wanted for dinner and they could make it lol :D


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