Friday, July 31, 2009

The Place Where I Live-Musselman’s Lake


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Familiar, and often overlooked are the places we call home. I moved to Musselman’s Lake about ten years ago; I was thrilled to combine cottage life with daily life, but the novelty soon wore thin. The word suburban came to mind, as while the landscape was ‘southern Ontario country’ and the homes were ‘cottage lite’. There was no denying that this was a commuter community, emptying out in the mornings and filling up at night.

Still, there are the moments where I realize I live somewhere truly special, a community where people really do spend time out on the ‘front porch’ and the veranda is not just a place to store bicycles.

Last year, I wrote about this in “Guitar Man” (who still holds the occasional impromptu concert), and the weeds growing on the verge look just as lovely.

The painting is a boat I’ve walked by often, never noticing how ‘picturesque’ the scene truly was. If we can only open our eyes, we need not look far for beauty.

Image: 4”x6” watercolour on watercolour paper.


Jennifer Rose said...

I wish we lived in a town like that. Yes there is gorgeous scenery but no sense of community :/ I see beauty in a lot of things here, but it all goes away when I see some thug trying to beat someone up :/

hmm sorry for the kind of negative comment

Michelle (artscapes) said...

That is what I fear could happen here.... the sense of of lost community.
Beautiful painting...

kaslkaos said...

Eek, Jennifer, no need to apologize, but so sad that you live in such a place. Then again, our car did get egged last week ;-(
Michelle, thanks. And yes, these communities just keep changing, nothing stays the same. I do like where I live, though, and many of the changes are good things.

Jennifer Rose said...

ugh sucks about your car :( this could be such a nice area, but the neds ruin it :/ but at least we have a nice view of the mountains :D

kaslkaos said...

I'm surprised to hear an area with such a nice view wouldn't have gentrified the neds out of existence. You have my sympathies. I should stop whining about our neighbours big stereo and the kids on their dirt bikes.


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