Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Cats in My Life

0907304cat1 Lennier & Archer.

Considering this is, first and foremost a personal blog, I’ve had very little to say about the cats in my life.  Unlike dogs, cats seem to occupy the private spaces in the home, unseen but no less loved and cared for.  While the dog is part of our public persona, the cats lie close to the soul.

Our household is home to three cats.  Lennier and Archer are siamese, and are often found piled up together.  When not performing mutual grooming rituals, they can be found soliciting human attention at great volume.  Archer sings opera, enunciating every vowel with perfect pitch in both the high and low ranges.  Lennier sings the blues and has the nasal twang of country and western.  Both are demanding and demonstrative of affection and are fairly typical siamese.

Then there is Riker.


He has a less vaunted pedigree (that would be none) and is in fact grey and white (I’m not a stickler for photo-real painting) He is more typical ‘cat’ in being aloof and mysterious.  He does talk in a plaintive meow, but unlike the siamese, he does not expect answers (at least not verbal ones).  His remoteness is not his fault.  Archer rules the household, and he jealously guards his favoured position.  So Riker lurks in the background, awaiting his opportunities.  While I am Archer’s personal property, Riker discovered that my husband is free for the taking and so Riker claims him.  With my husband, Riker demands brushing and petting, usually by drooling on and kneading his  shoulder until my husband pulls out the comb.  Riker has long hair and enjoys being brushed by him, or just sharing the couch for a good game of hockey on tv.

I could tell a million more stories about my beloved cats, but while unfailingly amusing to the converted, cat stories can be stale fare for remainder of the population. 

Image:  these are part of my White Cat Project, where I’m exploring catness with watercolour washes.  The truth is, it is actually an ongoing practice of the ‘toilet paper demo’ I found on Wet Canvas (jee, now that’s a great sales pitch!) actually titled Showing White with Primary Colours.  These two are available for sale at Etsy, Cat Pile, White Cat (not the most imaginative titling there).


Michelle (artscapes) said...

There is only one cat in this house... but we love him. He, too, is not good at sharing!

Jennifer Rose said...

I like cats, but hubby is allergic :/

so Riker is just a plain ol' moggy :) sometimes the best cats :) i love that word lol

Chrissy said...

I have allergies but I still love them, although we are plagued. We have been adopted by a moggy which is great, that way when my allergies get too much, I put her out. More recently we have a very nosey siamese who keeps walking thought the back door, having a look around and then leaving..
Great watercolours, they capture the character. Btw, I missed your life drawing last week, fantastic colouring in that one, it really does give her a striking presence :D

kaslkaos said...

Hi Michelle, would love to see your cat in pics. They are fascinating creatures.
Jennifer, Riker is just that and as sweet as he's allowed to be. Moggy is just a really cute word.
Thanks Chrissy for the compliments. That siames really sounds like a character. I'd hate being a allergic to cats; their presence calms me.


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