Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Search of Textured Paper—Part II


Life Drawing Tuesday, again. The model’s clothed, as her fiancé has problem with her posing nude. Our loss, entirely, as she is a wonderful model, and very creative. Costume drawing is an extra challenge, if you haven’t already memorized the anatomy that goes underneath.

This paper was prepared just slightly differently from my previous ‘sand’ papers. This time I made a liquid slurry of acrylic gel medium, fine sand, and watercolour, and brushed it on. It was very thin, and the sand almost invisible, but it added great texture, as did the brushstrokes. I think it I almost got it right, but it is no panacea for pencil crayon. Mistakes are even more difficult to hide (although the option exists for scraping in paint-over (NOT!), and for all its texture, it does not layer well, and it burnishes to a flat awful mess. However, pure colour goes on thick as lipstick and just as bright, and the whole result has the painterly quality I’ve been after. Coming into a life drawing session with a fully painted prepared piece also means I get a ‘finished’ piece from a sketch.

Thanks for looking.

PS. Dear readers and bloggers, but I’ve been off gallivanting through the woodlands of the Magnetawan River and am rather behind in my blogging. I’ll see yours this weekend when I get to the library wi-fi again (maybe sooner if I can manage)


Jennifer Rose said...

ooh love the colours on that :D
I'd say its my job, being nude is part of the job, so blah to you :p (ok maybe with a few more harsh words other then blah :p)

Mold Testing Anne Arundel, MD said...

beautiful pictures!

<3 Lindsay

kaslkaos said...

Hey Jennifer, I'm with you about the model. Sounded too much like a demand, a little patriarchal if you ask me...then again, if the poor dude has hang-ups like that, oh well, we can't do much about those...
Thanks Anne for the compliment, compliments are always welcome!

Missy Ricco said...

She is just lovely.


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