Sunday, August 23, 2009

Indigo Milky – True Blue and Edible Too

Sometimes only a photograph will do. You wouldn’t believe me if I painted it this colour; you’d assume it was ‘artistic licence’ so here’s the photos. I promise, I did no fiddling with colour and no retouches. I photographed these against natural backgrounds so that you could compare the luscious colours.


This mushroom, also known as the lactarius indigo is true ultramarine blue. Commonly known as the Indigo Milky for the colour of the milky substance it exudes when cut or bruised. The sliced images shows it off in full. I’ve only found them on two other occasions, once as a fungus infested sliver of wood that bled a bright blue ‘paint’. I had no idea what it was at the time.


This one is edible, and a pretty safe bet too, as there is no other mushroom like it. However, since I’ve only found onsey’s, and spongey oldsters at that, I’ve never been tempted. I do wonder what they taste like, but I may never find out. This one won’t be eaten.


Hope you enjoyed this jem of the woods. Found in York Regional Forest, Hollidge Tract. Previous one found in the Eldred King Woodlands—it’s all about habitat.

And for the nitty gritty science details, click here.

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Jennifer Rose said...

that is so cool! hmm yeah wonder what they taste like? I'm not a mushroom fan but might be tempted to try those. wonder if they would leave your tongue blue:? ;p

kaslkaos said...

I've heard they taste good with eggs. Cadmium yellow + ultarmarine = ... ;-)
They did give me inky fingers; washed off though.

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Those are so neat!!


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