Saturday, September 5, 2009

Superior Waves and Summers End

TEMP 005

Holidays are coming, a joy we always reserve for summers end.  By the time we return, it will be Autumn, both officially and and seasonally.  While we enjoy sunshine, and moderate warmth, we also enjoy cool weather and waves smashing on rocks.  To get to such things, we travel the Trans Canada Hwy 17 through Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie north to Lake Superior Provincial Park.  While I only see it once per year, this landscape is never far from my mind, and I often find myself roaming there in thoughts and dreams.  Lake Superior has a pull and a power that goes far beyond the physical realm.  This is a place where a Christian can believe in the power Nanaboozhoo, and an atheist feels compelled to make offerings to Gods.  It is hard when under it’s spell not to believe in spirits of the earth, the air, and especially water, as all things on the coast are shaped by the power of the lake.

I’ve done some strange things that leave lasting memories, like one midnight were I sat on a stone beach and scraped a sign into a stone and with it tossed a part of my soul into Superiors waters.  Ever since, I’ve felt like a piece of me was left behind, and whatever the distance my connection to this place remains unbroken. That this defies logic makes no difference; there is no place for logic in dreams and imaginings.

Image: Top.  4x6” wave study, watercolour using masking frisket resist, overpainted with fine sand & matt acrylic gel, finished with colour pencil. 

Below: linocut print T-shirts all drying in the sun so that they will be ready to wear ‘up North’. Distortions due to draping. (letterboxes, scroll carefully and stop at the first hint of blue if you don’t want a spoiler of the Voyageur letterbox image).  As you can see from the motifs, Lake Superior is never far from my mind.

shirts_sketches 001_crop

shirts_sketches 002_crop


Jennifer Rose said...

you did leave a piece of yourself there :) a bit of your energy went into the stone, so that energy/soul/spirit what ever you want to call it will remain there forever in that stone (of course unless a fish eats it, that fish gets caught and then eaten ;) then who ever ate it will have a piece of you :p [creepy...] ;) )

kaslkaos said...

Hmmm... that sounds like the makings of modern fairy tale. It's actually intriguing.

Jennifer Rose said...

yes that would make a great story! ooh that gives me an idea, damn college for getting in the way! :p

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Beautiful piece.... And I like the sound of that story too!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, it was a watercolour practise that I finished, and then couldn't resist adding the sand & pencils. The combo is becoming my thing.
Some day we may find three different versions of the 'soul' story?

Chrissy said...

I missed this...I was away on my hols. Somewhere that I feel this too...I love the wave, it is stunning :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy. I took about 100 'wave' pics, so there will be more.


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