Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baldhead River Lake Superior

Failures, experiments, and something new. This is an oil pastel. It began as an abstract watercolour meant to be a background for a linocut. The paper is new to me (hotpressed watercolour) and has some unfortunate qualities. The sizing, for instance, seems to have disintegrated in the first soaking, a quick dip. This meant the watercolour applied soaked right through and went spotty.

No matter, so I decide it will be a background for a coloured pencil piece. I add my matte gel medium with sand. It goes on so smooth and transparent I add another layer, with gusto! And start my cp work. The beginning was good, so was the middle, but I couldn't get the ending. I got to the point wherein nothing would change. I kept adding colour with no results. I discovered by gently brushing with a soft brush that the coloured pencil wasn't sticking to the paper. Time to give in and crumple, right? Wrong!

I hate wasting paper, especially anything I bought and paid for at an art store. I pull out my oil pastels that I had retired as being 'not my thing'. The oil pastel sticks, and I basically redid the piece in oils on top of the cp's. So once again, an almost abandoned piece spurs me into trying something new.

Two morals: waste not, want not, and failures can be great opportunities for learning.

And to all a good night...

Image: approx. 7"x14", hot-pressed watercolour paper, watercolour, coloured pencil, fine sand, acrylic gel medium and oil pastels. The scene is the mouth of the Baldhead River, Lake Superior Provincial Park, Orphan Lake Trail/and Coastal Trail. More on that later. I plan on trying this over again, in different media. Next up, Grey Stonehenge Paper and coloured pencil, no experiments--I want to play things safe for a change.


Jennifer Rose said...

i love the little birds :)
the waves have a lot of energy to them, really well done

i really hate when i end up wasting paper i've bought too. money down the drain :/

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer. My attempts to save paper pull me out of my comfort zone, so it's not such a bad thing. All sorts of nifty things you can do with oopsies.


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