Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baldhead River & Orphan Lake Trail

Mouth of the Baldhead River as it empties into Lake Superior, accessed by the Orphan Lake Trail (dayhiking) and the Coastal Hiking Trail.
This is a scene often photographed, and just as often not. It is a long stretch of cobble and pebble beach and very linear in quality. Artistic licence, and a rather liberal dollop, finally allows me to share the breath-taking panorama, a vista that combines the opposing forces of the smashing rhythms of Lake Superior slamming in from the west and the inexorable flow of Baldhead River serpentining out from the east.
The Orphan Lake Trail is what I call the Lake Superior Sampler, as it's 8+ kilometres offer glimpses of all the that the vast Provincial Park has to offer. If you complete the circle you will see a burn scar, a mature deciduous forest, a cliff-top view of a quiet inland lake, the rugged shore of an inland lake, the vast coastline of Lake Superior (shown), a river mouth, a water fall (which you can dip your toe into, and, more rarely, swim in an upper pool), a spagnum bog lined boardwalk, a dizzying view of a vertical cliff-face. Did I miss anything?
Next year, I'm thinking of dropping off a new letterbox to tempt you in...shhhh!

Image: 7"x14" grey Stonehenge paper, coloured pencil. Prisma colours, a limited pallet of egg yellow, turquoise blue, indigo, raspberry red, white, cream, and light pink. I love optical mixes! Thus ends the experiment. I just have no interest in doing this one as a water colour or mixed-media. The pencil has spoken!


Chrissy said...

And has really captured the moent beautifully. Great vibrant colour....nice work. Some changes on your blog...!

Michelle (artscapes) said...

Amazing.... Even the waves have personality. Beautiful work as always! I can't wait to go back to Superior...

kaslkaos said...

Chrissy, Aw shucks and thanks. Yes, the blog changes where quite a weekend chore; I've been wanting the 3rd column for a long time. Summers over, so I'll be working on format a bit more.
Michelle, thanks. I can't stay away, but next year I might try down east now that I have a van I can sleep in. Your comment about 'personality' clarifies a few things for me, why I feel most expressive in coloured pencils, and what exactly I'm expressing. Now if only I can think of the fancy term for putting personality, soul, whatever into inanimate things. Probably somewhere in some Carl Jung book...


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