Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Changes & Work In Progress

You may have noticed a changes in format. I spent Saturday at the library fiddling with adding a third column to this blog, something I've been wanting to do for quite a while, but was afraid to. In the end, it was very easy, but required a great deal of trust in strangers. I googled the term, found instructions and followed them. And, wow, it worked! You can check out the instructions at Blogger Buster.

It's Autumn, and while the weather is lovely today, I'll be indoors more and spending some of that time tweaking my blog. The idea of multiple blogs to suit different purposes has occurred to me, but frankly, I just don't have time, so in the next few weeks/months (hey, I'm still on dial-up and technically challenged) I'll try to add in some navigational info so readers, including me, can find stuff, because this blog is starting to resemble one of those vast mounds of shiny junk that truly weird people collect--which might be saying something...

In other news: I added a Guestbook on my Casual Connections page, on the hunch that sometimes people might want to say something off topic from a particular post, or just want to say hi and don't like twitter, or just like signing guestbooks, etc...

Thanks very much Mariette from Seattle for starting things off. It's also another way to contact me, as I get email notification for each signing, and it allows for private messaging. I still haven't figured out whether I should chat back there or not. Advice on that welcome.

And on the note of Who's Art is it Anyway, here's another 'found' installation, seen in Walker Woods, Uxbridge. Surrounded by fall colours and stately maples, being confronted with a Canadian Flag glowing with light and lurking in the depths of the woods (off trail) intriguing to say the least. The top photo is also from Walker Woods, and is the fallen remnants of a windmill.

And finally, that WIP (Work In Progress). A new mixed-media coloured pencil. 15x15 on 200lb Saunders watercolour, watercolour wash, acrylic medium plus sand, and now the prisma colours. The watercolour makes it look more complete than it is, but I actually have a long way to go as I going for full coverage and burnishing on this one. Rivers Edge, Gargantua River, Lake Superior Provincial Park. Of course, this is an interpretation, and not a representational landscape.


Jennifer Rose said...

ooh shiny new layout :)

i love that flag in the woods! :D its perfect

you wip looks really nice. nice linework and movement to the page :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, the flag in the woods looked fun. It's only stapled so it won't hurt the trees either.
I'm relieved about the layout, finally an extra column, yay!
And the WIP, well, it'll be kaslkaos style, fun with lines. I've strayed away for awhile, hammering away at watercolours and being more conventional, but I'll be cutting loose on this one.


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